Best Box Mods & Vape Mods 2018

Graduating from intermediate to experienced vaping equipment can be as gradual a process as you like. You’re not a true beginner anymore, but you are new to “mods” with their variable features and powerful batteries. The following are the best mods for both new and advanced vapers in 2018.

We will start with some newb friendly devices, and then go into some higher watt machines, followed by some mechanical and tube style mods

Best Box Mods & Vape Mods Of 2018

Quick chart with the best of each class:

Mod Specs Price
Most Compact & Powerful

Alien Mod

220W Dual 18650
Best All-In-One


75W Single 18650
Best High Watt


220W Dual 18650
Best Tube

Rebel III

3000mAh 5.8ml 0.25ohm
Best For Beginners

Vox Mini

40W/ Built-In 2500 mAh


Best Mods For Beginners


Vaporfi VOX Mini 40W – $59.99

This is a 40 watt box mod for anyone who wants full control of their vaping experience in every way.

VOX Mini 40W



  • 0.3 ohm – 3.0 ohm resistance
  • 7 watts to 40 watts adjustable wattage
  • 510 threading with an adjustable pin
  • Digital OLED screen
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Auto-Ohm Resistance Meter
  • Low Resistance protection
  • Built in 35A Battery


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$52.80 $59.99

VOX Mini 40W Kit – $89.99

You also have the option of a full kit with everything needed.

VOX Mini starter kit

The kit includes:

  • VOX Mini 40W
  • Your Choice Of Volt, Rebel or Vice Tank
  • USB CHarger

This kit is recommended for the advanced vaper, and has many other features.

Check out the VOX Mini 40W kit here.


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The Joyetech eGrip II

Joyetech EGrip II Kit Red and Silver

Joye’s new all-in-one mod and tank was one of the first of its kind. Vary voltage using a sleek button below a beautiful clock face with up to 80W at your disposal.

A low resistance head is already installed inside the built-in, 3.5-ml, top-fill cap but can be changed. Airflow is also adjustable. Recharge the internal battery with a USB cable and continue to vape if you weren’t done for the day and can plug in close to whatever you were doing (typing, gaming, etc.)

It has quite a few features also if you want to try temp control, and comes with the 0.25 ohm coil, a 0.5 ohm SS316, a 1.5 ohm Clapton coil for mout to lung vaping, along with a pre-built ready to use BF RBA.

So this is very simple and easy to use and operate, but has plenty of other features available that you can use later if you are just starting out, so this is great for newbs and experienced vapers alike.

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Eleaf iStick Mini 10W

Eleaf iStick 10W Mini

This tiny mod features a surprisingly large battery at 1050mAh. It can operate at up to 10W. Press triangular buttons on the side below an OLED display and a larger power switch. Although 10W is the top output, it’s not adjustable. Select voltage through a short range of 3.3V to 5V and don’t install an atomizer coil below 1 ohm. All three of these mods are protected from malfunction by a smart microchip.

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Best Mid Range Mods

JoyeTech eVic VTC Mini

Now that JoyeTech has released their Tron atomizer, there is probably nothing more interesting than this pair: the eVic VTC Mini and its matching Tron tank offering side or top view.

eVic VTC Minis

Colors are shiny, metallic, and the whole look is that of a Transformer toy. There is too much power here to play around with though: 60 watts and 0.05 ohms. If not for safety measures like temperature control, you would be unable to reach that kind of resistance, at least not without causing a short circuit.

JoyeTech gives consumers the choice of up to 600F and numerous coil heads for their Tron atomizer. A bright, OLED screen shows you what’s going on with battery power, resistance, and output. Firmware can be upgraded when JoyeTech releases updates.



Eleaf iStick Pico

iStick Pico

This is a great little device that fits in the palm of your hand, and also has a decent amount of power, with plenty of features.

It is driven by a single 18650 cell.


  • 1-75 Watts
  • Temp Range: 200-600F
  • Resistance: 0.05-3.5 ohms
  • OLED Screen
  • Modes: Bypass, Ti, Ni, SS TCR & VW



Aspire Pegasus

This is one of the classiest looking box mods around and it comes from Aspire, so you know it is a high quality item.

Aspire Pegasus Slate VaporDNA

Pair it with a top-rated Aspire tank such as the Atlantis or Triton and you are good to go. Choose a maximum of 70W adjusted via dial rather than a button. Coils can be built to 0.1 ohms in TC mode or 0.2 ohms with regular coils in Variable Wattage mode. The temperature range is standard: 200F to 600F. You will need to buy an 18650 battery but instead of taking this out every time you recharge, consider plugging into a USB outlet such as your laptop to recharge using a built-in USB port. Colors are discrete and neutral.



Best High Watt Mods

Modders were excited in 2015 because their favorite companies released top class vaporizers, extending the limits of their power and control. America’s Evolv brought out the 200W DNA chip which gave mod builders the opportunity to create several temperature control (TC) mods that are relatively safe but high-powered at the same time.

New or lesser-known new brands of vaporizers emerged, and there is now a wide selection of VW and TC mods from 10W to 200W and a huge variety of price points. New atomizers are invented to match these offerings aesthetically and technically. Here are the top five box mods and some ideas of how to pair them with RBAs.



This is a recently released starter kit by SMOKTECH. A Micro TFV4 tank is paired with the 200w mod.

It has a unique fire button, which goes along the whole side of the mod. This is powered by 2 18650s.


  • 6-220W
  • Micro TFV4
  • 0.08-3 ohm Resistance
  • Modes: VW/TC (Ni, Ti & TCR)
  • 200-600F Temp Range


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Sigelei Fuchai 200W

You are going to love the Sigelei Fuchai 200W, a beast performer in the temperature control class.

Sigelei Fuchai 200W Colors

The manufacturer installed a TC chip to provide protection against the usual culprits. They also gave consumers a stylish box with tremendous output possibilities (up to 572F or 200 watts.) Excellent atomizer pairings would include the Plume Veil, Phantom, or Uwell Crown. Keep two batteries in place under a magnetic back cover.



HCigar 200W VT200

Evolv’s new DNA 200W chip is put to good use in this Chinese-American partnership.

HCigar VT200 Black and Silver

The shadowy black mod gives vapers the choice: select a temperature or wattage. You will be protected either way because Evolv’s chip exemplifies top-of-the line American technology. The HCigar VT200 200W Box Mod sports a simple design with minimum stylization for a clean finish. For a complementary atomizer, pick one of the hybrids: a Kanger Subtank Plus or Smok TFV4, for instance. That way you can rebuild the atomizer using temperature-sensitive Nickel or Titanium coils.



Mechanical & Tube Shaped

Like e liquid preferences, the choice of best mechanical mod is subjective to a point. There are some obvious losers in the bunch and even certain high-end mods that give rise to controversy. What I can say, however, is that time and again certain products are given the spotlight for very good reasons.

Where the tube style vape mod is concerned, variety is too vast to put them all in a lump. In this section of the article, we will be discussing non-box shaped mods, specifically those with a tube shape and some which can be extended to accept multiple battery sizes (that is, telescopic mods), along with some digital ones. If a device works with extensions it will not be included here.

High-End, Affordable-End

It just so happens that the five units I will be reviewing can be divided into 2 groups: affordable and high-cost mods. Two of the cheaper three are clones while one other low-cost device has gone through changes since its release. Here I mention it as a clone and in its original form. The other two mods I will talk about come from Greece, of all places.

You might have guessed the United States or the Philippines — I certainly did not expect their origins to be Mediterranean. Yet, when I think of mods it is easy to forget that many of them cannot be adjusted in length and those that can either come with tubes or extensions can be purchased separately. I thought there would be far more choices than there were.

Vaporfi Rebel III – $106

This is a beautiful tube-shaped mod that comes in a nice glossy black, or beautiful stainless.

Vaporfi Rebel III

This is the latest version of the well known Rebel by Vaporfi.


It is the perfect blend of power, e-juice capacity and resistance for someone who just wants a simple, one press function to enjoy some nice sub-ohm vapor all day long.

It has an internal 3000mAh battery, 5.8 ml capacity and a 0.5 ohm coil.


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iTaste SVD 2.0 – Now DNA Powered!

This is the latest version of the SVD by Innokin with the addition of an Evolv DNA 20 chip.

SVD 2.0

This is the only mod of its kind with this set up (most DNA chip mods are box-style).

So you get the shape of a tube mod, and the control of the DNA microchip all in one.


  • 5 – 20 watts
  • Vape from 0.5 to 3.0 ohms
  • 2 – 6.3 Volts
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overheat Protection.
  • Battery Checker.
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection






The Kamry K101 – $25Kamry K101

Essentially, this is a tweaked version of the K100 by Kamry which mimics the Empire Mod: a device notable for its resemblance to the Empire State Building. Ironically, the clone has received more press and customer interest than its inspiration, but that is probably due to its quality at a low price. You can walk away with one of these for around the $30 range in one of many anodized finishes.


The top takes 510-threaded tanks. There are always exceptions, but virtually all of the really great tanks and atomizers will fit. The bottom switch would be tough to fire accidentally. One must press purposely to make it work, but a locking ring enables customers to make 100% sure accidental firing will not occur. Voltage loss is low and the unit feels solid in one’s hand.





The Magneto by SmokTech – $50

From the spider on its firing button to the 510-thread, this is a solid and attractive piece of equipment. That bottom firing button has been the object of much discussion.

Firstly, this might be the very first magnetic firing switch ever developed for a mechanical mod. Secondly, firing is smooth. Thirdly, the entire base is a button, but it can be locked to prevent firing by mistake. Finally, because a magnetic connection endures longer than a spring-firing button, you might never need to buy another mechanical mod after the Magneto.


The top cap contains adjustable air channels. Brass connections ensure maximum connectivity for low voltage drop. A Kick can be installed to make this a variable wattage device, but it works beautifully without that extra piece and could last you many years.






The Maraxus Clone – $48

You could choose the real Maraxus and feel like you made an excellent choice. This two-toned beauty can be taken apart and reassembled in many configurations, but the ultimate result is resemblance to some medieval architecture; perhaps weaponry from the age of knights.

Maraxus Mod Clone

A clone, when purchased carefully from a reputable manufacturer and vendor, will do a great job with just a few issues like rougher threading and maybe too much room inside so the battery makes noise, but you could be surprised by the quality of certain clones. Look at HCigar, Infinite, and EHPro particularly whenever you plan to buy a copy of some limited edition tube mod.

A clone made from 316 stainless steel and gold plated brass is a stunning addition to any collection. Large pins reduce voltage drop while 8 vent holes prevent overheating. It is another bottom-firing device made by Tactical Works in its original for (sell for $200+) but you can lock the button in the “off” position.


Gus Telescopic

Now we venture into the Mediterranean part of Europe where vaping has given Greeks a new way to make their mark on modern culture. It’s not surprising that they should contribute to the culturally significant vaping industry since Greece has influenced every craft since ancient times. The Gus Telescopic V2 is easy to use, made of polished stainless steel, and tiny by comparison with competitors’ units.

Gus Telescopic

This isn’t because it possesses less power: on the contrary; the Gus still accepts all 18-series batteries as does every item featured in this article. But the metal is lighter and thinner. Lock without fuss, thread and dismantle seamlessly, add the Kick for voltage control. You will love the way it looks and behaves.



Atmomixani 69 Brass

I love writing Atmomixani. This tube mod is fashioned from naval brass and is utterly beautiful to look at. Silver-plated, adjustable contacts make for a smooth connection and lack of misfiring troubles. Adjust airflow to change the resistance of your draw. Of all the items here the Atmomixani 69 Brass mechanical, telescopic tube mod is the only one with a side firing button. This can be set at the bottom or the top depending on the way you build it.

Atmomixani 69 Brass

As for price, like the Gus this is an expensive device priced over $150 if you can even get one in your hands. Atmomixani makes their devices in small batches so they tend to sell out before they even come off the metal lathe.


Other Options

If these devices do not impress you or are unavailable, consider buying a tube mod for use with one size of battery. Think about the possibility of extension tubes. Consider an electronic telescopic mod.

The first two are available from numerous vendors at excellent prices: you should get the Magneto at around $50, enough to qualify for free shipping from several online companies. Then again, your local retailer might have it under glass already so you don’t have to wait.

Hopefully you have an idea of what the best box mods and the best vape mods are after this review.

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