18650 Batteries

When you start talking about 18650 batteries and vaping, the conversation will inevitably turn towards safety. Everyone has heard stories of people’s batteries overheating and exploding. Resulting injuries have vapers and manufacturers feeling justly wary of high-output systems.

For manufacturers, the answer has been to place the choice of battery in the consumer’s hands (sometimes) and to create safety precautions using high-tech chipsets that regulate the temperature of a vaping mod. Consumers are left with the decision of which batteries to purchase when one is not built into their system already.

What You Should Look For

Vaping experts believe that you should not trust a generic battery or a lesser-known brand. Stick with the names you know. Their reputations are riding on the safety of these cells, but Eveready and Duracell don’t make vaping batteries.

There is more to selecting an 18650 battery than safety, however, like output. Some cells give you 2200mAh, others provide 2500mAh or hold their charge longer. Maximum amps differ. Selecting the top 5 has required some trial and error from vaping writers and general consumers, but here are the five we think you can trust.

The Top 5, Safest, Most Efficient 18650 Vaping Batteries

1. Samsung 25R

Samsung INR 18650-25R

You can count on Samsung, full-stop. They have the reputation that a lot of upstarts can’t match and a track record to put sensible people at ease. While it is possible to make any cell unsafe by overheating or abusing it, this is the best performer and safest item on our top 5. It’s a flat-top battery with 2500mAh at your disposal for a long-lasting charge. With 20A regular current and 4.2V when newly charged, your mod will perform reliably. Consumers are able to recharge the cell more than 250 times according to vendors but after that point the Samsung 25R will finally lose some of its capacity, although in reality this could be more like 200+ charges. Samsung’s 18650 vaping cell also runs cool.

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2. LG HG2

LG HE2 18650

LG’s cell provides a maximum of 3000mAh according to the manufacturer. This could be an exaggeration, but if so, not by much. Vapers rely on LG all the time and are happy with its low operating temperature and considerable running time before they need to recharge. The LG HG2 provides a 20A current for regular use and 4.2V when fully charged. Being a LiMN battery, vapers consider this a safer mixture than Li-Ion or LiPo. LG was able to create a shorter battery without an additional safety component as a result, so this makes it compatible with almost all devices.

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3. Sony VTC4

SONY VTC4 18650

Here’s another name you should rely on in the technical world: Sony. Their 2100mAh VTC4 provides a 30A current and features a flat top, so it fits virtually any mod. Vapers recommend them for sub ohm machines where you need a lot of current and don’t mind sacrificing charge time. In other words, you just made a trade-off: 2100mAh vs. 3000mAh but 30A instead of 20A. Try pulsing at a slightly higher current and the Sony VTC4 handles itself nicely.

Buy The Sony: http://www.amazon.com

4. EFest IMR 35A

Efest IMR Flat Top 18650 LiMn 3000-mAh Battery

EFest’s purple batteries are iconic in the vaping industry. They have some catching up to do if they want to come out of the shadows cast by the brands listed above, but the performance of a cell like their 35A, 3000mah flat-top battery will help. These sub ohm accessories provide a nominal voltageĀ of 3.2V and are made from a Li-Mn blend considered one of the safest mixtures.

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5. LG HE4


As you can see, LG is much loved by vapers. These cells match the current of an HG2 but you lose some of the capacity at 2500mAh vs. 3000mAh. With 20A, there’s still a lot of power behind an LG HE4 and the potential to recharge hundreds of times. Vendors suggest the voltage will drop quite a bit when it has been recharged about 200 times but it will last well beyond that point.

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