Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

Men frequently favor black and women often love pink. It is a stereotype, I know. Lots of women hate pink and many men actually like it.

What matters here is that you can be a girly girl and vape a mod in the color you like best instead of choosing some black tube that looks like it belongs in a piece of mining machinery.

An Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit sees to the details. If blue is your thing, there’s always the Kanger Subvod with a matching Toptank or you can buy a black battery and top your tank with a suitable drip tip, possibly one made from custom-blown glass.

Pink and Black

Even if you only make a color selection for practical purposes, that pink mod is a really good choice as the pair to a black version of the K3. You know it makes sense if there is one mod for the man and another for the lady.

Reverse the trend, giving hubby pink and adopting black for yourself: who cares. All this means is he doesn’t accidentally vape your barrel aged tobacco e juice and his cotton candy high-VG stuff never comes near your lips by mistake. Prevent fighting and don’t lose a drop of juice. Color choices are like coding to prevent mishaps like this, not to mention the spread of germs.

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit Details

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit In Case

There is no K3 Cleito, so Aspire made a K3 tank to match their K3 battery. This means the two parts are in sync with each other. Both of them measure 18 mm across. It is important you realize the differences between a K2, K3, and a K4, especially if you dislike top-heavy systems or batteries topped by inadequate tanks. Parts for the K3 system are just right and create a seamless appearance.

Battery Basics for the Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

A K3 battery by Aspire features a built-in 1200mAh cell you recharge using the USB micro-port built into its side and a cable provided. Hook up your unit to a wall adapter or computer. Pass-through vaping is allowable but recharging takes longer when vapers continue to vape while plugged in.

On the outside, you notice an unusual checkered pattern. This is created by carbon fiber, a light and durable material which also supplies grip. Pure metal tends to be slippery by comparison and is generally heavier too.

K3 Tank Specifications

The K3 tank holds 2 ml of e juice, maximum, but the battery does not run overly hot so e juice vaporizes steadily. Consumers are not refilling constantly the way they do with high-watt devices and top-fill tank such as the Toptank by Kanger and Smok’s TFV4. A transparent glass tube gives you an inside look at e juice as it dwindles. You never have to guess when refill time is nigh.

510 Connection

Standard 510 connection threading makes units like these versatile. Vapers can use each part with other pieces made by Aspire or alternative manufacturers such as Kanger, Eleaf, and Joyetech.

Selecting the same diameter is not essential but power compatibility is important. Some tanks do not run at super sub-ohm levels and can’t handle 600F or 100W. The K3 is no temperature control kit by any means but an attractive, compact combination by one of the world’s finest e cig manufacturers.

Aspire K4 and K2 for Contrast

Aspire offers two alternatives along the same lines. Their K4 Quick Start Kit comes with a Cleito tank and a 2000mAh battery. The Cleito is good for 0.27 ohms and 40W to 55W operation. The K2 is a 15-mm, 800mAh, 1.8-ml system.

The K3, like a middle child, compromises between these two extremes without sacrificing design elements or elegance. Aspire is also responsible for making other excellent sub ohm tanks such as the Atlantis and Triton plus a regal-looking adjustable, compact box mod called a Pegasus, frequently paired with a Triton tank.

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