Box Mods

No vaper can have failed to see adverts for the latest e cig trend: the box style vape mod. The name says a lot: this is an e cig literally shaped like a box, or at least in a style similar to that of a box.

As the trend grows, variations on that initial idea have been added. More colors have become available. Whether you buy a pre-made mod or purchase DIY equipment to make your own, a box mod does not have to appear angular. Some elegant examples have been added to a growing selection.

Vapers can rate box mods in a variety of ways. They can explore prices and seek the best value. Consumers might seek those mods with the best customer reviews or highest accolades by people who write about box mods professionally. Some people like a built-in battery and others want a removable cell.

You can explore mods from the lowest to highest Variable Watt ratings or consider just Temperature Control devices. This article is going to look at box mods considered the most popular in terms of sales and not one of them is a TC device or rated for more than 60W.

What are consumers buying? They choose a combination of features: highest output for a reasonable price from a reliable manufacturer; a box mod which writers and other consumers have said good things about. Here are the best devices from a shopper’s perspective.

Most Popular Box Mods

A number of VW box mods are not worth the money they cost. Yes, some are good, but still overpriced. Unfortunately, your best-value items come from China. This is also where the highest watt variability comes from. Evolve has not caught up with 100W mods for maximum power output but you would be surprised to find that many vapers don’t want that much power anyway. The top most popular box mods are as follows.

Joyetech eGrip Box Mod

Joyetech EGrip OLED-CL colors

This extremely compact all-in-one device was the first of its kind and has spawned numerous similar designs from competitors. Use a 360-degree dial to change wattage. Adjust airflow control on a tank built into the system but also removable. A 1.5-ohm head is already included in the 3.6-ml tank when you buy it and a USB port allows you to recharge a built-in 1500mAh cell without removing any batteries. The eGrip 20W mod is also a pass-through device.

Buy The eGrip:


IPV2S 60W, Pioneer4You

Pioneer4You adds water-resistance to the many features found in their IPV series. Small, domed buttons sit inside a light aluminum frame. Pioneer4You works with Yihi to bring you the SX330 V2 chipset supplying protection against low resistance, problems with voltage, and more. The option exists to upgrade to a 75W system using the USB port but 60W is suitable for everyday vaping in most people’s opinions; more than enough, in fact. A single removable battery is well vented. Attach an atomizer coil rated 0.2 ohms or up to 3 ohms on the spring-loaded pin.


An alloy of aluminum and zinc makes the XPro 50W light to carry in your pocket. It won’t slip from a vaper’s hand and a recessed control panel prevents the screen from being damaged or from accidental deployment of adjustment buttons. Select from 6 watts to 50 watts and resistance down to 0.2 ohms. A micro-port allows vapers to charge without removing the cell but they also have that option if it is more convenient to replace the battery.

Eleaf iSmoka iStick 50W Box Mod

Eleaf’s 50W iStick provides the shiny color choices vapers often find lacking from other brands; the kinds they grew accustomed to when they vaped eGos and now miss as they advance into variable watt vaping. Eleaf’s dainty iStick 50W can be set between 5W and 50W or 2V and 10V with coil resistance as low as 0.2 ohms. A 4400mAh battery is built into the frame, so you recharge USB-style with the added advantage of pass-through capacity. A clear OLED screen depicts battery charge, resistance, and Watts/Volts.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

This upgrade of the top-selling iTaste MVP 2.0 makes a big jump from its low-power predecessor: 11W max to 60W. Innokin took the term “upgrade” very seriously when they improved on their iTaste MVP. A 4500mah battery is already installed, ready to provide energy for vaping but also waiting to supply power to other devices such as your cell phone or mP3 player. The Innokin iTaste MVP is a VV/VW pass-through vape mod but also a portable charging device with an available maximum of 17.5A. Innokin supplies the following options: blue, pink, silver, black, and gold (the Premium edition, more expensive than those other colors). Innokin’s display features battery levels, power, and a puff count while quietly protecting against short-circuit, over-vaping, and overheating.

Kanger Kbox

Resistance of 0.4 ohms will produce excellent clouds, especially at 40W which could be considered moderate in the current market.

Kangertech Kbox

Most people are moderate, so the average vaper will be happy with this inexpensive competitor from trusted manufacturer KangerTech. A removable 18650 battery lets you charge one cell and swap in a pre-charged one. This is a slender device with one ergonomic side so the Kbox feels natural in the vaper’s hand. An aluminum shell is light and portable but still tough. Match it with a Kanger Subtank for pure flavor and a low-cost pairing.

SMOK Xpro M22 and M80

Boxes 3 and 4 from our list are both made by SMOK, better known for their Magneto, Tumbler clearomizer, and RSST atomizer. With the M22, you choose mechanical operation or adjustable: this is a hybrid mod. When you operate the M22 digitally, its top output is 22 watts which is good enough for most people unless they want to chase vapor.

Xpro M22

For resistance below 1 ohm, switch to mechanical usage and increase power. A 2200-mAh battery is built in, charged via the USB port.

Switch to an XPro M80 and pay about $60.


This box might not look like anything special, but it operates beautifully. Though still advanced and for use by experienced vapers only, the M80 is user-friendly with controls and a display screen on one narrow side. The lowest resistance load acceptable on the M80 is 0.1 ohm and power comes from two built-in 2000-mAh batteries with vent holes for protection.

IPV Mini II and IPV 3

Pioneer4You’s IPV series is one of the best selling in the short history of box mods so far. Their devices are attractively shaped, come in numerous bright colors, and are easy to operate.

They also feature the popular Yihi chip which protects the device from multiple dangers while P4Y has kept the price low. They also make several other versions of various sizes and power ratings.

The IPV 3 is a 150W mod costing about $100 with beveled corners.

ipv3 black

Otherwise, it is a straightforward box with an SX330 chip, aluminum body, and bright OLED screen. The IPV 3 operates using two 18650 batteries, and the 510 pin is adjustable so you can set your atomizer in place without a gap. Firmware can be upgraded using the USB port.

Eleaf iStick 50W Simple

At about $50, the iStick might be P4Y’s closest rival.

eleaf isticks

Both brands of box mod sell out quickly, are affordable, and come in multiple sizes. The iStick’s floating pin makes it easy to attach any 510-threaded atomizer, so it sits comfortably in its well. Eleaf made their iStick with a removable battery so you don’t have to charge the whole thing.

Unusual design features include arrow-shaped up and down buttons situated on one wide face against a black strip. The Simple features 2 or 3 tones: silver and black plus, possibly, blue or magenta. Compared to most other mods, this is a beautiful product that is sure to stand out. Attach a sub-ohm tank like the Atlantis by Aspire or a JoyeTech Delta II.

Sigelei Mini 30W

For about $35, you can own another one of the top 10 box mods and, once again, it isn’t the most attractive.

Sigelei Mini 30W

Vapers can buy covers for their mods which make them appear more attractive, but vapor and flavor are what you are after, not aesthetics.

Threaded to accept 510 atomizers and with a 0.3-ohm minimum resistance, Sigelei’s Mini 30W does not reinvent the vaping wheel; it just sticks with tried and true protective features. A magnetic door makes getting batteries in and out much easier and reverse battery protection prevents unnecessary damage.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

The newest version of Innokin’s MVP is a 30W device and still operates as a power bank too.

itaste mvp3

Pick one of several muted or vivid colors. Use it as pass-through device, vaping while the battery charges. Attach an iClear clearomizer or similarly-threaded vessel, but not a sub-ohm tank. It’s not a high-powered box mod but a practical, slim item that lets you recharge your cell phone and vape on the go.

JoyeTech eGrip

Vapers would be surprised if JoyeTech failed to make an appearance on this “top 10” list. They are at least as well-known and trusted as SMOK, Sigelei, and Kanger. With their eGrip, JoyeTech gives us something very different from the other mods showcased above: an all-in-one box mod.

JoyeTech EGrip

At 20W, power isn’t high. In fact, JoyeTech’s offering is the least powerful device in this list. You can’t vape at sub-ohms, but watts and airflow are adjustable. The 1500-mAh battery vaporizes liquid in a 3.6-ml tank. With every feature in one mod, it’s the most portable of all these products.

Vicious Ant Variant T1 Slim

Made from industrial-grade Titanium, the T1 Slim is a beauty of a box mod.

Variant TI Slim

At 100 mm in length, it isn’t short, but Vicious Ant achieved a narrow profile with their sturdy mod capable of more than 200W and very low ohms. A large, clear OLED display depicts battery charge, volts, watts, and ohms.

Thanks to its high output and valuable material, the Slim snatched our list’s top spot price-wise at several hundred dollars, if you can even find one in stock. It’s also the exception to rules generally exemplified in the other 9 options which are affordable and operate between 20W and 150W. Atomizers like the Plume Veil and Tobh will be put to effective use on your Variant T1 box mod.

Purpose of Box Style Vape Mods

These are the easiest types of e cigs for amateurs to build with their roomy interiors and the many standard features available for purchase. They include front plates, battery doors, side plates, screens, screws, and battery slots. Construction requires specific screwdrivers, the threading component, and buttons. The most important piece, however, is a computer chip. Box mods differ from tube mods in that they are designed to provide and manage much greater power.

Computer Chips for Box Mods

The DNA by Evolv is a vaper’s best choice in this department, but it is expensive and also limited as to maximum wattage output. Clones from China have nearly reached 200W capacity. A chip is your machine’s brain, controlling and connecting features. For instance, once you select watts and attach an atomizer, voltage will be suggested to accommodate both. A chip monitors every technical aspect of your vaping experience: resistance, volts, watts, and battery charge (all shown on the screen). It protects your device should there be a problem with voltage, reverse battery, or a shorted circuit.

Brands of Box Mods

Hana Modz is an American-designed and American-produced brand which is truly a box. Choose one of their many shiny finishes. VaporShark’s Box Mod is not as colorful but is designed according to customer suggestions regarding changes to VaporShark’s first version. The VaporShark is made in China. So is the VaporFi VOX 50, a mixture of box and tube mod that is undeniably beautiful and clean-looking in stainless steel. Sigelei, Cloupor, and Pioneer4You have all released their own versions.

It is difficult for independent American companies to compete with selection by the last 3 names because these are the cheapest and also the most powerful, reaching as high as 150 Watts.

Usually, box mod threading is 510 compatible. The pin is fixed or adjustable, the latter being most flexible when it comes to choosing a model of atomizer to fit.

Changing the Format

Pushing the box to 150 watts required changing the box mod format. Vapers can reach resistance values down to 0.15 ohms but need to use two batteries and set the box to its highest wattage setting. Vapers can set box mods to 25W if they want, but that’s a waste of money and time. They might attach coils with readings of 1.8 ohms, but why bother with a machine like this?

Customers can also buy pre-made 50W Cloupor or Pioneer4You models and then change the chips inside of them. Adding a new, 150W (or later, a 200W) chip when it becomes available or the vaper feels confident operating a higher-powered device, he saves money. Otherwise, he might have felt compelled to spend $120 on a brand new box.

Prices and Considerations

You can spend $60 or $200 on a box mod. Brands from China are cheapest. American brands cost more. When shopping, keep these thoughts in the back of your mind. A magnetic door is supremely easy to open and close for replacing batteries. Pass-through function is convenient, but only a few mods are capable. Some products are huge: they will feel heavy and be impossible to carry stealthily.