Best 100W Box Mods

Not a day goes by that some company isn’t releasing another variable watt vape mod. Often they are box-shaped and many are capable of 100 watts or more. Sometimes an existing model’s safety or appearance is upgraded. What is so special about these devices? Why should anyone want to own one?

Best 100 Watt Box Mods Of 2017

Innokin iTaste MVP 4.0 100W TC

Perhaps the most notable feature of this version of the legendary iTaste MVP is the 4500 mAh built in battery/power bank. This is an all day vape that also allows you to charge your smartphone on the go.

This has wattage, Nickel, Titanium and SS316 modes, a very durable design, and built in 2Amp MicroUSB for faster charging.



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Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC

Here is the latest beauty from Vaporesso – the Nebula, a 100 Watt TC mod that has a rather unique shape. I personally love these rounded devices for portability, as it’s just more comfortable carrying it around.

So far as a battery, you can use either a single 26650 or 18650. It supports Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel temperature modes.



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Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit


This is a full kit from Tesla Cigs that includes a tank. If you are looking for a nice simple set up where you just press the button and enjoy some nice clouds of vapor, this may be the mod for you.

It is not adjustable so there is no knowledge needed, so it’s perfect for newbies, or anyone looking for a very compact, powerful set up.

There is a built in 2200 mAh battery, and it comes with the Shadow Tank, that uses 0.28 ohm coils for nice plumes of vapor.



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Eleaf iStick 100W TC

iStick TC100W Black

This is the latest release from the wildly popular iSmoka/Eleaf brand. Their last high powered device was a standard 100W iStick, and now they have added temperature control, and a slightly different look to it.

This will fire down to 0.15 ohms for massive clouds of vapor, and everything in between.

Needs 2 18650 Batteries for operation.



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Tesla Two 100W

Tesla’s small box is a big performer with a 4000mAh built-in dual cell. Vapers can use this as a pass-through mod when time is short and patience scarce.

This is an unregulated mod; there is no display to keep you informed about resistance and output, nor warnings or alerts if the PCB has defended your mod against a shorted circuit or low voltage, so be sure you know what you are doing if you decide to go with this device.

You can reach 0.1 ohms and up to 100W. Being unregulated, this will taper off as the battery starts to weaken.

Of the mods here, this is perhaps the most compact at just under 80 mm long. The firing button is situated at on the side, in the standard location for a lot of mods. Select grey, red, blue, or black.




 These Next Mods Will Be Harder To Find, As They May Be Discontinued :


Sigelei 100W Plus

Sigelei 100w Plus Mods

Sigelei has been a strong competitor, raising the stakes continually and pushing innovation among box mod builders. Their 100W mod contains the well-liked Yihi chip protecting the device against standard threats like low voltage and reverse battery.

One of the favored features of this mod is its magnetic backing which makes it easy to get two 18650 batteries out and recharge them, replacing spent cells with fully charged ones. Two parallel wavy lines along one wide side distinguish the Sigelei 100W aesthetically from competitors’ mods.

Attach any atomizer ranging from 0.15 to 3 ohms, displayed on a thin rectangular screen situated between a large on/off switch and two smaller adjustment buttons.




Cloupor T6

Cloupor T6s

Cloupor’s example of the 100W mode comes in four colors. The display screen is moved out of place to the front of the box off-center rather than between firing and up/down buttons along one edge, which makes it easily recognizable among other models.

There is a removable magnetic cover for gaining access to 26650 batteries, but you can also operate this as a pass-through device and charge it by the port which is found next to vents on the bottom.

Cloupor has issued several attractive stickers you can add to their T6 to personalize or jazz-up your mod.



Fat Baby by Project Sub-Ohm

Fat Baby by Project Sub-Ohm

All Project Sub-Ohm products are designed to operate together including their tanks, and there are lower-watt mods in this series. The Fat Baby is their 100W example with a spring-loaded copper pin for easy attachment of any 510-threaded atomizer and superior conductivity. The lowest resistance you can reach with this mod is 0.2 ohms: that equates to lot of vapor.


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Kamry Wooden 100W APV

Kamry Wooden 100w box

Some box mods are not really boxy, like this one which resembles binoculars. Metal caps at the top and bottom give way to wood along two adjacent, connected battery tubes.

Use a 360º rotating wheel to adjust watts rather than the usual up and down buttons situated alongside a screen and firing button. This style is similar to that of an Aspire ESP 30W but, obviously, more powerful.

The OLED screen shows you how much power your battery has left, atomizer resistance, and various warnings where applicable.

You might see a sign that battery voltage is low, the battery is in backwards, or your temperature is rising too high. The Kamry 100W accepts resistance as low as 0.15 ohms.

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IPV4S 120W by Pioneer4You 
iPV 4S 120W TC MODs

One side of this distinctive product is ergonomically shaped with additional grip for safety and comfort. You will appreciate that if you ever held a mod featuring only sharp angles.

The other side is angular as boxes generally are. This Pioneer4You device made of sturdy but light Black Billet Aluminum features temperature control, optional USB charging, low resistance and short-circuit protection, plus reverse polarity protection in case you replace batteries backwards. The spring-loaded pin eases the attachment of any 510-threaded atomizer so there is no gap between tank/RDA and the mod.

One of the highlights of this mod is the temperature control feature, with the YIHI SX330 V4SL Chip.



Apart from the 100 watt box mods vapers build from DIY parts sold by specialist companies, there aren’t that many 100W box mods to choose from. Major manufacturers are leap-frogging their own and each other’s designs to increase output to 150W, 180W, and even 260W.

Ohms can’t get any lower without dropping resistance entirely and that’s not an option, but low-resistance and higher watts can still create greater warmth.

Some would say the 100W limit is as high as the medium needs to go. At this rate, you can expect to pay around $100 for a device, most of which are made in China.

Some brands you can expect to see are Cloupor, Pioneer4You, Sigelei, Project Sub-Ohm, and Kamry. Their 100W mods feature in this list of the top 5 100 watt Box Mods.

Various Levels of Quality

The first thing to remember is that not all mods are made equal, so the general comments regarding 100 watt box mods and other high-watt products do not apply to every make or model. You should look at what they offer in the way of safety records, check out a company’s background and reputation, and read consumer reviews. If a mod is too cheap, it is probably cheaply made.

Features of Variable Wattage Mods

Many of these products have built-in batteries, so when they run out of power, the whole mod has to be either taken apart or thrown out. You might not be able to vape for a while either as the cell charges.

This is not the case if your device has pass-through capacity, allowing you to vape while the battery is restored for another day or more. You would need to be at a laptop, using a game console, or have a battery bank on hand to provide a connection, but at least the possibility is there.

Another feature is the screen: there is always one of these built in since users want to see where their battery level is at, read voltage, view resistance, and make sure they set watts to their desired level. A good machine’s display will be easy to read.

Inside a box mod there is a chip. This smart, tiny device is your control center and does some stupendous math. For instance, whereas owners of variable voltage mods had to calculate acceptable resistance per volt, VW mods read resistance and set voltage accordingly.

Being able to vape at sub-ohms is probably the top reason to buy a variable watt mod. Read more about that here.

Sub-ohm Vaping with Variable Watt Box Mods

Even at 15 watts, a mod can tackle sub-ohm resistance, but at this level you are talking about 0.8 ohms. If a vaper was hoping to get as low as 0.5, a 50w box would be better. For 0.3 or even 0.2 ohm vaping, 100 watt box mods are excellent, while 150W mods can get you to 0.15.

The goal here is to reach a point where resistance is unimportant and a device can handle temperatures achieved with zero-resistance, but there are always safety concerns to think of. This is why vapers should be hesitant to go beyond 150W and even be wary of this level. For most e cig users, 20W or 30W is ample to achieve clouds that are plentiful and of high quality. A 100W will be more than powerful enough.

Sub-ohm resistance is for individuals who constantly strive for bigger, better clouds of vapor. They tend to prefer dripping atomizers and max-vegetable glycerin e juices. While many tanks by Aspire and Kanger contain sub-ohm coils, only RDAs can handle the really low-resistance, high-watt systems. A cheap clearomizer would be out of place, even though you can vape at 3 ohms, but that’s when you should pull out your Aspire CF or Halo Triton.

Protection for Vapers

That chip I was talking about is also smart enough to protect vapers from the risks they are courting with their big battery power. It will probably shut itself down in several instances. If the chip detects a shorted circuit, low voltage, high voltage, or vaping overtime, expect it to switch off and show a message on the display.

Many of these boxes are also lockable so young and curious hands can’t get hold of them and turn them on by pressing the buttons wildly. This also stops experienced users from accidentally turning on a high-powered box mod and eating a hole through their pants while they stand in line at the grocery store or attend a meeting at work. Either example would be painful and embarrassing.

Other Features of VW Vape Mods

But some of the best mods do more than protect; they enhance the vaping experience and are pleasing in other ways. You could have a function which remembers your last setting, for instance. There is the issue of style: many box mods are visually pleasing with their strong colors or innovative designs. There are also tubes and tube/box hybrids. The screens on 100W box mods are also bright and attractive.

Some Brands Available

You can expect more brands to enter into competition at the 100W level or beyond; some already have surpassed this point. Browse vapor stores for names like Cloupor, Sigelei, and Pioneer4You, all from China. The DNA Evolv chip hasn’t reached 100W yet.

A Cloupor T6 vape mod uses a 26650 battery, has 6 vent holes to prevent overheating, and goes to a minimum 7 watts. Use it as a pass-through mod. The Sigelei 100W works with 0.15 ohms resistance and up to 3 ohms. Instead of using screws to hold the battery in, the lid for this Sigelei model is held in place by magnets: much less fussy to open and close.