Best 150W Box Mods

Box mods are intelligent, as though they have minds of their own. High-watt mods in particular have to be smart devices because the amount of power customers command could lead to some serious problems if a device was not designed well.

Consumers can thank the designers of micro chips for protective features. Chips are now so sophisticated they can fire a box at 150W or more; even past 200W.

Best 150 Watt Box Mods

Taking a look at the few 150W mods currently available to vapers looking for a nice amount of power in their device.

VaporFi VEX™ 150 TC MOD

The VEX 150 TC is a very simple, elegant and straight forward mod, with a simple button display, and all the power and features to make most vapers happy.

It has a Nickel mode, and the standard wattage mode, along with bypass for anyone dialing in with their atomizer resistance, and TCR mode, which is another explanation, and if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it for now.



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Tesla Touch 150 TC

Here is an aesthetically pleasing device from Tesla Cigs, with a touch screen feature.

If you are looking for a powerful and sharp device, check this out.

It comes with settings for Nickel and Titanium temperature control modes, SS316, TCR and wattage mode.



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Lost Vape Therion 166 DNA 167

This is another very aesthetically pleasing device with a unique shape. If you like your mod to have some unique character, check out this beauty.

This takes 2 18650 batteries, sold separately, and has a DNA 167 chip.

Of course this isn’t exactly 150 watts, though we thought it was close enough to make this list, and besides, who minds a little extra wattage?






Crazy Power: The Cloupor T8

Cloupor T8

China’s Cloupor manufacturing moves the screen to front right-center but the other buttons remain along a narrow side, all three of them small, identical circles. Slightly cheaper than the Sigelei (only just), resistance range is 0.2 (high in this class) to 4 ohms.

Cloupor makes their mod in black, blue, red, or silver. The center contact pin is adjustable, as usual, because this enables one to choose almost any atomizer.

As long as it is 510-threaded, there will not be a gap between the mod and RDA. Temperature control is one of several features. Firmware can be upgraded to 200W later, when you are ready for vapor insanity.

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Pleasurable Pioneer4You IPV (Now 165 Watts)

IPV3 150w

The Cloupor, Sigelei, and Pioneer4You 150 Watt Box Mods have each been preceded by lower-watt mods made by these same companies; all of them popular and proving reliable.

P4Y installs the Yihi SX330 V3 S Chip which facilitates a clear display, protective features, and error codes. This device, priced around $90, operates to a low of 0.1-ohm resistance, offers misfire protection, real time battery life read-out, and a system that maintains lower temperatures than usual while running at maximum power.

It is also water-resistant which is a feature none of the other brands is selling, at least not the ones above or a Majesty 150W vaporizer. Unlike Sigelei and Cloupor, removable batteries are held in by a screw-fastened door. All three buttons are small, recessed domes, with an oval screen between them along one edge.

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Maximum Majesty

Majesty 150

As above, there are two batteries, an OLED screen, and various warnings. Pay about $80. You will see indicators regarding overheating, low battery power, reverse battery, and more.

Lock the Majesty so no unauthorized people (children) can use it. A screen shows the battery charge in real time.

A memory function allows you to turn off the Majesty without swearing because, having found an excellent watt-resistance combo, you forgot to write everything down before turning off the mod.

You don’t need to remember a thing. Like the Cloupor, your screen is situated front-right with a large button at one end of the skinny side and two smaller ones opposite.

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RDAs, RBAs, and Tanks for 150W Box Mods

Most tank mods, including hybrids, were designed for use with mid-range box mods up to around 50W such as the iStick 50W or VaporFi VOX. Examples of suitable tanks are the Youde AGI and Kanger Subtank.

The Subtank, for instance, provides users these two options: rebuild one atomizer head or install a pre-built one capable of very low ohms. An Aspire sub-ohm Atlantis tank is even sold in a package with the Sigelei 150W for around $140, acknowledging something that vapers should not forget: just because they have the capacity to vape at 150W does not mean they have to vape at that level all the time.

Actually, doing so could become expensive. Coils and batteries wear out quickly when stressed to that level all the time. If you are serious about cloud chasing, however, great options in the tank class include Kanger and Aspire items as listed above, the Arctic by Horizon, Herakles, Delta II, or an RDA. The Congrevape Doge V2 is just one example.

I would argue that beautiful RDAs are appropriate in terms of the juices you will use at high watts, but their beauty is wasted on these dull boxes. Tanks appear more fitting; glass and stainless steel bodies contrasting with powder coated aluminum ones.