Best 30W Box Mods

Box mods have flooded the e cig market in recent months with several going past the 30-watt maximum to a maximum of 150 watts and a minimum 0.15-ohm capacity. The average vaper would call this overkill, especially when they are expected to pay $250 for a device like this. For them, a 30 watt box mod priced under $200 is ample.

If it seems like just a year ago there was barely any competition between box mods of 20W or more, you are right. Not much time has passed since someone decided this should be the hot item, the idea caught on, and now you can own a box mod capable of vaping at over 200W.

The 30W mode is still very popular; probably the most popular size for experienced vapers. With 30W, one can vape at sub-ohms, inhale warm, flavorful vapor, but still vape within a budget. Here are some of the most popular 30W box mods available.

The Top 30 Watt Box Mods:


Innokin iTaste 3.0 – 30W – $55.99

This is the latest version of the Innokin iTaste MVP.

This is a wildly popular box mod. The 15 watt 2.0 version received rave reviews, and this is essentially the same mod, now with 30 watts, a nice new look and a few more improvements.


  • Can fire from 2.5 down to 0.4 ohms
  • Pass through (vape while you charge)
  • VW from 6-30 watts
  • VV from 3-9 volts
  • 510 connection
  • Short Circuit atomizer protection
  • 3800 mAh battery


This also features a micro USB to charge your electronic device on the go.





istick 30 wEleaf iStick 30W – $31**

Here is another colorful device for around $30, and this comes with a built-in 2200-mAh cell.

This mod is so popular and attractive that customers are frequently required to wait for new stock.

Eleaf’s ergonomic design features a square firing button and 2 arrow buttons for adjusting volts and watts. There is a USB charger, 0.4 ohm minimum resistance, and varied protective elements.

An OLED screen displays ohms, charge rate, and volts/watts.

Choose the cute little 10W mod as a starting point if you want something really tiny and unusual (and possibly the ‘cutest’ box mod available).


** Use coupon code 10off for 10% off!




Sigelei Mini 30WSigelei Mini 30W – $37

The Sigelei chip powers this device between 5W and 30W and down to 0.3 ohms. Similar protective features to the item above provide extra safety, plus venting reduces the internal temperature.

Its spring-loaded pin is made of copper: highly conductive. A magnetic back panel allows easy access to the 18650 battery: you can take out the battery and change it for a new, fully-charged one.

A Sigelei Mini 30W is slightly smaller than the IPV Mini, but only by a fraction of an inch across and lengthwise. Sigelei also makes a 50W box mod plus bigger sizes.





SMY 35WThe SMY 35W – $44

Simeiyue advertises a 35W SMY box mod in several colors and capable of vaping at 0.2 ohms. Manufacturers have chosen several pretty colors besides metallic shades.

The SMY 35W boasts a bright display screen and costs around $35. Vapers charge it using a small port at the base because a Samsung 2200-mAh battery is into the SMY box mod. Simeiyue also makes a mod capable of 200W+.





iPV MiniPioneer4You IPV Mini 30W – $53

Pioneer4You makes this $50 mod which features a rounded edge that feels good in your hand and a beveled top corner, reducing its box-like appearance.

A floating top pin accepts most 510 atomizers with ease. Its YiHi 3X130 chip is good for 0.5 ohms resistance, protects against high power input, reverse battery, and other dangers.

When a device is guarded against damage caused by reverse polarity, you know the battery is removable. Pioneer4You also makes 60W, 70W, 100W, and 150W variable devices.







VaporShark DNA 30

VaporShark DNA 30 – $99

VaporShark’s DNA 30 V2 has been improved in various areas, but one thing stays the same: their choice of the Evolv chip.

This is the benchmark in DNA chips and one reason why VaporShark’s DNA 30 costs about $170now it is $100.

VaporShark designed their mod to be the smallest around at less than 3 inches long. Zinc aluminum alloy creates a tough little unit.

Wrap coils to a low of 0.5 ohms with peace of mind: the VaporShark box mod detects resistance below that and reports resistance on the screen. With a 510 connection and a spring-loaded pin, you can attach most tanks to the VaporShark. It’s powered by a rechargeable 1200-mAh battery for lots of oomph.





Hana Modz – $250

These are made in the United States so patriots rejoice: you can own an e cig made on American soil.

Prices range from about $199 to $250 for this device available in orange, red, blue, and more metallic finishes.

Although an internal chip detects ohms, volts, watts, and more, the makers of Hana Modz devices do not recommend placing the battery in backwards.

While this is a common error and several e cigs are designed to prevent damage caused by reversed polarity, here they will not guarantee your mod will be safe.

Take extra care. Choose the right battery for a 30 watt maximum with the option to use a battery that powers you to 20 watts instead (Hana Modz specs lay everything out clearly).

Some of the error messages you might see on your screen are that the resistance of your atomizer is too low for the power you chose, the battery needs charging, or that a battery has become too weak and should be recycled. The screen saves energy by fading to dim and eventually to darkness when not in use. This way your battery is not always running at full tilt. The Hana Modz box is made from Billet 6061 aluminum: tough stuff which also looks amazing.





ClouporCloupor 30W Clone – $28

The Zamplebox mod is inexpensive, but a Cloupor is downright cheap. I don’t meant that it is a load of garbage but that it provides an excellent introduction to variable wattage, sub-ohm vaping at a super-low price of about $30.

While VaporShark uses an Evolv chip, Cloupor relies on a Yihi clone. This ubiquitous variable watt chip is made in China and not quite as “smart” as the Evolv, but it’s pretty good for the price.

Most of what I have already said about box mods applies: set this to between 7 and 30 watts. The Cloupor will detect your atomizer’s resistance and warn you not to set wattage too high or too low.

You are defended against a shorted circuit and warned about overheating. These chips take the guess work or arithmetic out of pairing power with resistance and create consistency in your device’s output, which is the main reason variable wattage is better than variable voltage.





In Summary

The price range for these items is around $30 to $250. There are some that are much higher priced, but those are less mainstream, and typically made individually. All box mods in this list are 510-threaded accepting most tanks by Kanger, Aspire, Joye, etc., including sub-ohm tanks. Their slender measurements and light aluminum structure allow vapers to take these almost anywhere. They are small, easy to use, and totally wireless when batteries are fully charged.

VW Availability

Out of the boxes above, only the SMY is a little hard to find. Several online vendors carry it, but few of them are well-known e cig companies. The others are carried by popular vaping companies among wider selections of 50W, 100W, 150W, and even larger box mods.

One will find other 30W devices such as the Aspire 30W ESP (new release), plus tube-shaped VW mods capable of 30W and more such as JoyeTech’s eVic Supreme. With a tank attached, batteries (if not included), and a charger, your entire kit should cost around $90 to $100.


Cana dna 30 mod boxesCana DNA 30 – $59 – Discontinued

This is a beautiful mod, with an excellent price.

It is a DNA clone, and does not have an authentic Evolv chip, though it is highly rated, and you really can’t beat the price for such a nice looking 30w mod.

It is 510 threaded, and allows adjustment in 0.1 w increments, and is powered by a single 18560 battery.

It is called V3, and so is an improved version, and is known to sell out on occasion, with trying to keep up with the demand.





Zamplebox DNA 30 ModZamplebox DNA 30 – Discontinued

We are going to begin with an affordable mod sold by e juice subscription service company Zamplebox.

Their bright green DNA 30 machine runs from 7 to 30 watts like all such devices. It features a low-temperature chip which reads atomizer resistance with a built-in meter that connects to a screen.

Here you can see ohms, volts, watts, and battery power.

A limit of 10 Amps, overcharge detection, and short-circuit detection protect this box-style e cig.

The handy USB pass-through feature means vapers can vape and charge at the same time. The Zamplebox DNA 30 is a limited edition mod which handles resistance from 0.3 to 3.3 ohms. You pay about $99.