Best 50W Box Mods

Having choice is great because this causes companies to compete closely over the issue of price and to take care to produce quality products. When it comes to 50W box mods only a few are worth thinking about. Your list will probably include the Sigelei, iPV, Hexohm, and Vox 50.

Best 50 Watt Box Mods

But there is a wide stretch of road between the lowest and highest prices. If you wonder where other VW box mods are, some of the best on the market feature up to 30 watts and nothing higher, explaining their absence from this list.

VaporFi Vox TC – $97.49

This beautiful 50W mod is not a box in the true sense because it lacks angularity, but the Vox II operates in the same way with an OLED screen, 7w to 50W range, and 3V to 8.5V spread. Use an atomizer as low as 0.2 ohms or up to 3 ohms: the same as iPV and Sigelei mods.

It uses a big, removable battery for excellent power, a cell which can also remain inside the Vox II while it charges. This enables vapers to puff and charge simultaneously: something called pass-through capability.

The popular Vox II wins points for its beauty, functionality, and for coming from one of the nation’s most favorite e cig companies: VaporFi. But the Vox II is also practical. It comes with high and low voltage protection, low resistance protection, and that all-important reverse battery protection. If you put it in the wrong way around, this device will continue to operate.


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Also Available As A Kit – $127.49

With your choice of tanks or RDAs:

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Halo Reactor 50w – $60

This is the latest Halo box mod, with 50 watts of power. These are a massively popular line of box mods, both for their beautiful looks, and very reasonable pricing.

The 50w Reactor features a beastly 4400 mAh battery, and allows wattage adjustments from 5-50 watts. It allows vaping at an atomizer resistance down to 0.2 ohms, and is 510 threaded, but comes with an eGo thread attachment.

At this price, there isn’t much more to say, you can’t go wrong with this very budget friendly device, especially with a tank included!


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Vapor2 TRINITY Vaporizer Kit – 40 Watts – $69.95

This is actually 40 watts, but the 50w mod market is dwindling, and there isn’t a big difference between 40 and 50 watts.

This kit comes with 2 coils, one that is 1.2 ohms,  perfect for mouth to lung vaping, and a 0.8 ohm coil, so you can try some sub-ohm vaping and see if that is for you, and there is also a 0.5 ohm coil available.




Sigelei 50W V2 – $70

Version 2 of Sigelei’s 50W mod typically costs around $80 and is similar the iPV, using the same chip and featuring safety features like low voltage detection. The voltage/wattage/ohms ranges are exactly the same too.

Sigelei used a slightly different design, however, and vendors claim it’s easier to remove the battery from the Sigelei than from the iPV.

Sigelei 50W version 2


Those differences include placing a rectangular screen on the front face. Buttons remain on the side, but the firing button is square. Voltage up and down is controlled by a rectangular see-saw style button, one piece pivoting in the middle.





Hexohm OKR-T10 – $156

The main thing you need to know about this product by Craving Vapor is that it is beloved by the consumers who have used it so far.

Hexohm OKR-T10

Since it is made in the US, there are only limited numbers available and it costs more than the devices listed above. But what you get for the extra cost is a sturdier build and clean interior. Power on this thing is excellent.



IPV2S  – $90 (Now 60 Watts – 60 is becoming the new 50)

This industry is changing so fast. The latest IPV Version 2 is now 60 watts (with the capability to upgrade to 70 watts). You can see on the Pioneer4You website that they don’t list 50w boxes any longer. The IPV V2S has for a while been one of the top 50w contenders, and numerous retailers still have them in stock, though the new ones have more power 🙂

iPV 2s

This beast is powered by the SX330 chip. Set watts between 7 and 60w (you don’t have to choose the highest rating just because you have it). By monitoring ohms, your chip can also find a suitable voltage between 3 and 8.5V to protect your atomizer. The iPV2X 60W features an LED screen, rounded and placed on one narrow end.

One large round button and two smaller ones are placed around it. Your maximum resistance is 3 ohms: quite high really, with a low of 0.2. That’s very low, so be careful, and enjoy some huge sub-ohm vapor clouds 🙂

Insert an 18650 battery into the aluminum box. Pioneer4You chose a 510 adjustable threading format which enables consumers to attach most rebuildable atomizers and tanks.




More Mods

As I write this, bigger mods are being developed and released. It’s not uncommon to see a 100W box mod: Sigelei and Pioneer4You have each released one as well as 150W versions. The chip inside each device can be replaced, however, so if you like the mod you have, it’s possible to simply change the chip for up to 100W: at 150W, your box might need to be modified to accommodate a second battery.