Box Mods

SMOK R-Steam Mini

SMOK R-Steam MiniAt SMOK, they invite vapers to “Pig Out” on vaping and they choose a blood-smear font. I can’t say this appealed to me as an ad campaign and if I chose to buy the 80W TC SMOK R-Steam Mini Mod it would not be as a result of this ravenous advertising tactic but in spite... Read More »

Aspire Plato

Aspire PlatoAspire’s Plato all-in-one mod mimics the convenience of an eGrip by JoyeTech but adopts its own style so you wouldn’t automatically be drawn towards a comparison. Aspire’s product is that little bit more modern and couture; like the version you would see a socialite carrying around in rose gold to match her. It also features... Read More »

Best Vape Mods Under $50

Best Vape Mods Under $50Great mods don’t always feature 200W or TC (temperature control) functionality. If you’re not looking for a starter kit with a matching tank, it’s easy to find a great device for under $50 and you’ll be surprised at the power that’s out there in this price bracket. Top 5 Vape Mods I’ll stick to devices... Read More »

Kanger KBOX 70W

Kanger KBOX 70WAnother Kanger Box Mod is soon to be released: the Kanger KBOX MOD 70W. This $50 APV adopts a different look from other Kanger mods. Each small device bears the same small, soft buttons and same bright screen, but orientation is different (see below). This 7W-70W device would look great in a stocking or would... Read More »

SnowWolf 75W Mini

SnowWolf 75W MiniVape mods do not have to be boring: they can look as exciting on the outside as they are on the inside. A case in point is the Snow Wolf Mini 75W vaporizer available for around $60 from Wake and Vape. This is a gorgeous device inside and out but don’t take my word for... Read More »

Apollo EGo Box Kit

Apollo EGo Box KitAmerica’s Apollo E Cigs describes their eGo Box as an “eGo style battery in the shape of a small box mod.” Whereas the usual eGo supplies between 650 mAh and 1100 mAh of power, however, Apollo boosted their box shaped eGo to supply 2000 mAh. One might describe this as fusion and compromise wrapped into... Read More »

Sigelei 75W Plus

Sigelei 75W PlusVapers: if you do not have a box mod yet but you want to learn how to vape huge clouds, the Sigelei 75W Plus mod could be the device for you. Vendors are now taking pre-orders for this simple, practical item with an ergonomic body and striped grooves that give this glistening mod a sporty... Read More »

VPark V-Box

VPark V-BoxThe mod purchases of many vapers are motivated in equal parts by technical specifications, visual details, and cost. Aesthetically, the VPark V-Box 30W box mod is one of the cutest little vaporizers I have ever seen. It was designed in California, a place long associated with superficial beauty. Is the V-Box like Shirley Temple —... Read More »

Sigelei Mini Book

Sigelei Mini BookWhy does Sigelei refer to their 40W mod as a “Mini Book?” It’s a little confusing at first: are they talking about an instruction manual or some other piece of technical literature? No: Sigelei is referring to their 40-watt mod which takes the shape and appearance of book covered in leather with a rounded “spine”... Read More »

Exciting SMOK Cloud Machine Kit

Exciting SMOK Cloud Machine KitDo I really mean this? Could the Cloud Machine Kit really be an exciting new release from Smok, makers of the BT vaporizer series and the Magneto mechanical mod? Actually, it is kind of exciting because this is one of the fanciest box mods you will come across. The Smok Cloud Machine Kit Contents Here... Read More »

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