Sigelei 100 Watt Box

Sigelei 100 Watt BoxConsumers have trusted Sigelei to manufacture top-quality e cig products for several years. Their latest addition to the various mods available in this diverse market is the 100 Watt Box Mod. In this sector alone, there has been an explosion of choice: dozens of new box mods, some cheaply made with sub-standard parts, lots of... Read More »


ClouporIf the name “Cloupor” is familiar, you probably bumped into it while looking at either herbal/wax vaping equipment or box mods. Their atomizers are widely sold by vape-pen retail outlets and online, but the brand is less familiar to e cig consumers. That could be owing to their relative youth, having started in October of... Read More »

RJ Mods

RJ ModsWho else makes a drip tip that can sell for $28 besides RJ Mods? There aren’t many other manufacturers who can pull that off. Smoke-E Mountain is one. There are a few others. The thing is, once you have purchased something as formidable as an authentic mechanical modifiable cigarette, it would look cheesy to top... Read More »

Hana Modz

Hana ModzHow can you be sure you are looking at the real Hana Modz? Is the item in your hands an authentic Hana Modz or a fake? Does it matter to you? If so, read the following Hana Modz review carefully. I will talk about the device itself, some controversy around the mod, and also where... Read More »