ClouporIf the name “Cloupor” is familiar, you probably bumped into it while looking at either herbal/wax vaping equipment or box mods. Their atomizers are widely sold by vape-pen retail outlets and online, but the brand is less familiar to e cig consumers. That could be owing to their relative youth, having started in October of... Read More »

Cloupor Mini 30W

Cloupor Mini 30WCloupor claims that their 30W mod is the smallest around. I have not checked that claim: dimensions are not uniform between mods. While some are longer than others, they might be narrower and thinner too. Comparing is not easy, but here’s the thing: I looked at pictures and was amazed at how small this box... Read More »

Cloupor T8

Cloupor T8When the vapor clears in a crowded room and you look around at what everyone else is vaping with, what are you going to see? Today, several of the mods your friends hold are going to be box mods or cylindrical VW advanced personal vaporizers. They contain the power to vape at high temperatures and... Read More »