Eleaf iJust 2 Mini

Eleaf iJust 2 MiniEleaf has just released a smaller version of their popular iJust 2. This will come with an 1100mAh battery, as opposed to the 2600mAh in the regular iJust 2, and a 2ml tank. This will offer a much more stealth way of getting your sub-ohm vape, with the same simplicity as its big brother. Eleaf... Read More »

Eleaf Magoo-C

Eleaf Magoo-CThe Magoo-C is not a bullet, but it resembles one. This is a new iSmoka Eleaf steel atomizer mostly enclosed in metal: new only because of the color. Their previous Magoo is silver. A single, narrow panel wraps around the atomizer: your window into the world of e liquid as it heats up and evaporates.... Read More »

Eleaf iJust Start

Eleaf iJust StartEleaf’s iJust series is minimal and familiar: like an EVOD with the flush button that give it straight, attractive, clean lines. A brand new iJust battery — the iJust Start — carries on the Eleaf iJust legacy with new features and stylistic elements customers already know and love. Features of the iJust Start Battery This... Read More »

Eleaf iStick 30W

Eleaf iStick 30WEnduring quality, excellent aesthetics, and popularity among vapers has ensured that, while bigger mods arrive on the scene, the Eleaf iStick 30 remains. Pioneer4You upgraded some features too, so this is a better mod now than ever before. It will surely compete against newer mods in a similar class. Features of the Eleaf iStick 30... Read More »

ELeaf iStick 50W

ELeaf iStick 50WIf the iStick becomes much bigger, eLeaf won’t be able to call it a “stick” anymore. They will have to rename it the “iChubby” or something. Its measurements are 83 x 45 x 23 mm. As designers fill it with more battery power, it can’t retain the original slender shape of a 20W or 30W.... Read More »

ELeaf iKiss

ELeaf iKissELeaf, best known for their iStick box mods, is also the proud manufacturing parent of an iKiss. Consider it their rendition of a mini cig: pretty — like the Lily by Innokin or Vapor Couture by V2 Cigs — but unusual in several ways and highly affordable. At around $13 for a kit, this will... Read More »

Eleaf Drip Kit

Eleaf Drip KitI hate to say it, but the Eleaf Drip Kit both puzzles and intrigues me. Up front it appears to be the super-hygienic, hospitalized version of a regular dripping atomizer. It is the white you see: so much of it present images of a padded room flashed repeatedly through my mind. If that is where... Read More »

Eleaf iJust

Eleaf iJustDo you want a device like the Ego One by JoyeTech and the VaporFi Rocket, only made by a different manufacturer or sold by your current vape vendor? Eleaf might have what you need in the form of an iJust e cig. Their line of vaping equipment is taking the world by storm one colorful... Read More »

Eleaf Mini iStick 10w

Eleaf Mini iStick 10wI hope Eleaf does not resent me referring to their Mini iStick as “adorable.” I am sure other people refer to it likewise, using other adjectives such as “cute,” which might inadvertently suggest you can’t take something so small seriously. Let’s just say the Eleaf Mini iStick is only adorable on the outside. In every... Read More »

Eleaf iTwist Mega

Eleaf iTwist MegaFamiliarize yourself with Eleaf’s entire collection of devices; don’t just fixate on the iStick or Lemo Drop. Designers have been hard at work developing tools for all-round vaping pleasure, including tools which make intermediate vaping fun, affordable, and accessible. The Eleaf iTwist Mega Battery gives you a little more than the usual Twist or Spinner... Read More »

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