Hana Modz

Hana Modz V3 Mini

Hana Modz V3 MiniNow that Hana Modz has released their V4 series of 40 Watt mods, you might find that their V3 Mini seems puny and weak by comparison, or at least its capabilities. This is a DNA 30 mod containing the Evolv DNA 30 Watt chip. In most ways, however, it is just like the bigger model... Read More »

Hana Modz V4D Collection

Hana Modz V4D CollectionThe Hana Modz V4D collection refers to their new 40W device. It employs the Evolv chip to control a vaporizer up to 40 watts or between 1 and 9 volts, creating excellent vapor under strict control. Learn more about these devices by Hana Modz here. Several Boxy Shapes Hana Modz offers the same 40W maximum... Read More »

Hana Modz

Hana ModzHow can you be sure you are looking at the real Hana Modz? Is the item in your hands an authentic Hana Modz or a fake? Does it matter to you? If so, read the following Hana Modz review carefully. I will talk about the device itself, some controversy around the mod, and also where... Read More »