Infinite RDNA 40 Mod Clone

Infinite RDNA 40 Mod CloneA Chinese company called Infinite is known for manufacturing some excellent clones of limited edition mods. Vivid Smoke lists more than 20 products by Infinite of which several are clones: the Orchid RBA, Hobo and Stillare RDAs, Cartel V1 and 4Nine mods, for instance. Their version of VaporShark’s RDNA 40 Mod is another example of... Read More »

Infinite Vapor Flask V2

The “flask” shape for mods has been kicking around for a while. Since the two objects share similar external design elements, combining these elements into a working vaporizer adds a classy touch to a sometimes stagnant form. Some box mods are uninspired, dull — boxy. Certain brands make up for a boring shape with electric... Read More »