Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 18650 Vape System

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 18650 Vape SystemInnokin continues to revamp and reimagine their Cool Fire IV vape mod, already available in Variable Watt format up to 40 watts and 75 watts. Now, Innokin brings vapers their Cool Fire IV TC system controlled by their Aethon PCB, powered by a single battery, and paired with their iSub V tank. New Battery System... Read More »

Innokin iSub V Tank

There is not much information about this tank yet, but it does have a resemblance to the Aspire Cleito, it its simplicity. Perhaps Innokin is following suit in creating a high flowing, affordable, quality tank. One noticeable difference in the pictures are the e-juice holes in the coil, as they look wide open. At the... Read More »

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100Innokin has just announced the release of their latest version of the Cool Fire Series, actually it is the latest version of the Cool Fire IV series, called the TC100.   This will have their new Aethon Chipset, which they say is the best device that they have released yet, and they have already released... Read More »

Innokin Gladius

Innokin GladiusVapers in the middle place between beginner and advanced vaping should become familiar with the Gladius. It is an affordable tank by Innokin, an alternative to more expensive units like the Kanger Aerotank or Aspire Nautilus. Innokin make the Arachnid mechanical mod, CLK 1280, VV4 adjustable battery, and iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro. Other tanks include... Read More »

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0Innokin’s iTaste MVP 2.0 VW vape mod and battery bank has been a reliable choice for intermediate vapers for a couple of years. This box mod is good for just under 1 ohm of resistance and supplies vapers with portable power to charge cell phones and other USB devices. At a cost of between $60... Read More »

Innokin iTaste 134

Innokin iTaste 134Own the iTaste 134 for between $130 and $150 and enjoy tons of power plus a great looking mod your friends will be envious of. This is an Innokin device so you know it will provide many months of excellent service, perhaps several years. The e cigarette industry is so relatively new and the iTaste... Read More »

Innokin ITaste VTR

Innokin ITaste VTRInnokin is known for making some of the most durable, compatible, and reliable e cigs in the industry. Their factory in Shenzhen, China, churns out thousands of their Lily, A10, VTR, SVD, and Cool Fire devices (plus more) every day for wholesale customers around the world. These customers are brick-and-mortar vape shop owners and internet... Read More »

Innokin iTaste VV4

Innokin iTaste VV4Innokin’s VV V3 was a big hit with e liquid vapers and alternative vapers using concentrates and essential oils. An iTaste VV4 will no doubt be as big a hit as before, but with additional interest from sub-ohm vapers. It will not create serious clouds like a Yihi Mini with its 0.1-ohm rating, but 0.8... Read More »

iTaste MVP 20W

iTaste MVP 20WInnokin has recently upgraded from their popular iTaste MVP 2.0 which looked much like this device but reflected changes that were needed. In particular, Innokin chose to keep up with the fashion of offering high-watt adjustment. Now you can go as far as 20 watts or 7.5 volts and as low as 0.5 ohms. In... Read More »

iTaste Arachnid

iTaste ArachnidSmok has their Magneto featuring the image of a spider on the bottom. Innokin has copied the idea in a sense with their telescopic mechanical mod, but this one boasting webbing motif a la Spiderman. These two tube mods are very similar, and that’s no surprise. In this price range (around $40) and in this... Read More »

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