Joyetech Cuboid Mini Kit

Joyetech has just announced the Cuboid Mini, and they are now taking pre-orders. Joyetech has created a new coil called the NotchCoil which is getting some nice reviews, and this kit will come with those. It is supposed to have a longer life than other coils, and vape at higher wattages. There are 2 more... Read More »

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini

Joyetech eVic VTC MiniJoyetech has just announced the eVic VTC Mini will be released soon and is ready for pre-orders. This is a very sharp looking box mod, that resembles the eVic VT. It is slightly smaller by the looks of it, and with its size and new color options, it was crafted as a ‘cuter’ descendant of... Read More »

JoyeTech EGrip

JoyeTech EGripI can’t help it: there is no other word for the JoyeTech eGrip besides “cute.” I don’t know how designers feel about that. Do they cringe, wishing I had applied a word such as “butch” or “sexy?” How can I when this 20W mod measures less than 4″ long with the atomizer attached? Even someone... Read More »

Joyetech eRoll-C

Joyetech eRoll-CThe eRoll-C by Joyetech might just be the smallest e cig available today. It is so slender and short you could mistake it for a real cigarette except for colors which do not resemble regular white and tan cigarettes. Select gold, black or silver instead to strike a classy pose or remain stealthy about vaping.... Read More »

JoyeTech eVic

JoyeTech eVicJoyeTech’s revolutionary eVic system interfaces with your computer to report on your vaping habits and add a new dimension to the experience. Your vaping tool is more than an e cig: it is an Electronic Vapor Intelligent Cigarette (EVIC). Version 1, the original, costs around $100 as a kit. The package for an eVic Supreme... Read More »

Joyetech ECom Mega

Joyetech ECom MegaWhen you weigh up the options, JoyeTech comes out at or near the top of reliable e cig manufacturers. Competitors include Kanger and Smok. JoyeTech fan favorites include the eVic Supreme, eGo One series, and eGo batteries plus compatible tanks and clearomizers. Kanger’s EVOD and various tanks compete while Smok currently specializes in high-watt or... Read More »

Joyetech eGo One Mini

Joyetech eGo One MiniEverything these days is available in the usual size plus extra-large (Kanger Aerotank Mega or Turbo), and Mini (the Kanger Protank 3). Now the same goes for a JoyeTech eGo One Mini; a tiny version of their regular eGo One full electronic cigarette, tank and battery in one. An eGo One is for every vaper... Read More »

JoyeTech EMode

JoyeTech EModeIt does not look like an eVic, but the eMode by JoyeTech acts like one, at least in one respect. Vapers are getting another MVR (My Vapor Record) system which connects to a computer showing voltage, wattage, resistance, and vaping behavior over time. This upgradeable system will undoubtedly be enhanced at a future date, which... Read More »