Kanger K1 Box

Kanger K1 BoxAnd yet another mod from Kangertech, the K1 Box. This is a very aesthetically pleasing device, much different looking than previous Kanger mods, and it is also going to be powered by an Evolv DNA-75 chip! We will update this page as we learn... Read More »

Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Starter Kit

Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Starter KitWhen you see that a device is now in its second or third incarnation (V2, V3, etc.), you know that the designers and manufacturers tweaked it a little. Something has changed, but not enough for the product to become an entirely different model worthy of a brand new name. Kanger has upgraded their KBox in... Read More »

Kanger Pro RBA Deck

Kanger Pro RBA DeckThe Kanger Protank has been released in a new form known simply as the Protank 4. Kanger jazzes up their fabulous glassomizer to provide a metal framework for protection, sub ohm coils, new ways to refill, and more features. One of these is a rebuild deck. Kanger Pro 4 RBA Before we get into the... Read More »

Kanger KBOX 160W

Kanger KBOX 160WIf ever a box mod resembled a solid square of chocolate, it’s the Kanger KBOX 160. A solid impression is achieved by wrapping the mod in a zinc alloy colored silver all the way around including the buttons. I feel like unwrapping the Kanger KBOX 160 and taking a bite, but attaching a TopTank and... Read More »

Kangertech TOP EVOD Starter Kit

Kangertech TOP EVOD Starter KitKangertech has released yet another vape kit, the Kanger TOP EVOD kit. EVOD devices have not gone out of style; Kanger has just changed things around a little. The TOP EVOD kit is their EVOD re-invented with a new clear tank instead of the closed system with merely a window for peaking through at your... Read More »

Kanger KBOX 70W

Kanger KBOX 70WAnother Kanger Box Mod is soon to be released: the Kanger KBOX MOD 70W. This $50 APV adopts a different look from other Kanger mods. Each small device bears the same small, soft buttons and same bright screen, but orientation is different (see below). This 7W-70W device would look great in a stocking or would... Read More »

Kanger Nebox 60W TC

Kanger Nebox 60W TCAll-in-one vaporizers have their pros and cons but there isn’t a single drawback I can see to the Kanger Nebox. The makers of the Subox and Subtank bring you the latest vaporizer to provide everything you need in one compact, portable package that is more beautiful than other all-in-one mods you have encountered before now.... Read More »

Kanger Kbox

Kanger KboxKanger is usually associated with their EVOD line and tanks like the Protank and Aerotank. Consumers don’t think of them when planning to purchase a high-powered mod but often turn to them when buying eGo batteries or 650-mAh starter kits for brand new or intermediate vapers. Kanger has changed up their image with the addition... Read More »

Kanger Aerotank-Turbo

Kanger Aerotank-TurboThe e cig world tries to be a green world, making products to be as re-usable as possible. The less stuff vapers have to throw away, the better. To encourage a responsible attitude from customers and to support their efforts to go green, manufacturers have made rebuildable atomizers to fit with rechargeable batteries. The Kanger... Read More »

Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter KitKanger Tech just announced their SUBOX Mini Starter Kit. This mod looks pretty sharp! The KBOX is a respectable, simple, and very affordable box mod that they released a couple months ago. Now it looks like they put some more thought into it, as though the KBOX was just a tease. The KBOX just had... Read More »