Pioneer4you IPV5 200W

Pioneer4you IPV5 200WPioneer4you might just have released the loveliest, sleekest, soon-to-be most sought-after mod there is — for now anyway. At least it will be the most beautiful device around when the product is available, but vapers can pre-order the Pioneer4you IPV5 200W TC while they wait for delivery day to arrive. Top Watts, Yihi Chip It... Read More »

Pioneer4You PVAire Si Tank

Pioneer4You PVAire Si TankPioneer4You is best known for their vaporizers: the iPV series ranging from 60W to 200W. Their mods are truly pioneering, inspiring imitators and innovation. We have a lot to be thankful for where Pioneer4You is concerned. Could their new sub ohm tank be yet another innovation to cause justifiable excitement among vapers? Pioneer4You PVAire Si... Read More »

IPV 50 Watt By Pioneer

IPV 50 Watt By PioneerBox mods are a revelation for e cig users. For half a decade they have been grappling with the idea that their electronic vaping device should look something like a cigarette or at least a cigar. Even if the colors are no longer authentic, there seems to have been this psychological boundary insisting such a... Read More »

IPV Mini 2 70W

IPV Mini 2 70WThe softened style of a Pioneer4You IPV Mini 2 70W is a foil for those sharp-edged, utilitarian mods so readily available among variable watt devices. Yes, this is technically a box mod, but it does not take a box shape like so many of its competitors. Corners on one side are cut and softened to... Read More »

IPV 4 100W

IPV 4 100WPioneer4You makes a popular series of variable watt mods called the IPV. These include the Mini and Mini 2 (30W and 70W mods) but also a next-level device for competitive cloud chasers: the 100W. If you are considering purchasing a device of this kind, read the following article. Pioneer4You might have just the thing. Generally... Read More »

iPV Mini

iPV MiniIPV is a brand put out by Pioneer4You, makers of high-watt vape mods. The IPV mini is onto its second version, an upgrade to its slim and sexy original. Learn more about this Chinese favorite Variable Watt mod right here, including details about its power, safety features, and where to buy them. Not a Box... Read More »

iPV3 150W

iPV3 150WPioneer4You has engineered a high volt mod that exceeds expectations and challenges abilities: the iPV 3. Their talented R&D department is meeting client’s desires, but are clients really ready for what the iPV 3 can do or were their eyes bigger than their stomachs? The only way to find out is to fire up this... Read More »

Pioneer4You IPV3 Li 165W

Pioneer4You IPV3 Li 165WI thought vapor companies were turning their backs on wattage above 100, thanks to temperature control sensors, high-purity coils, and because mods have proven themselves equal to low-ohm/moderate-watt relationships. Vaporizers have also shown, publicly, what can happen with battery vents. In the meantime, Pioneer4You has been developing this 165W mod. Is their iPV3 Li 165W... Read More »

Pioneer4You IPV D2

Pioneer4You IPV D2Pioneer4You has not released this latest version of the IPV series, but numerous photos describe an item so compact you could be holding a garage door opener. It is discrete, stealthy, and portable: an awesome addition to your mod collection. Go to the Pioneer4You website and there is no information: not wattage or ohms limits,... Read More »