Sigelei 26650 40A Battery

Sigelei 26650 40A BatteryThese days a vape store has to carry a wide selection of long-life batteries offering tons of power. They need a variety of 18650 and 26650 batteries: numbers which refer not to milliamp hours but to the dimensions of a cell. A 26650 battery is a big battery, as you can see by the mods... Read More »

Sigelei 18650 35a Battery

Sigelei 18650 35a BatterySigelei’s 18650 35a battery provides reliable power for high-output mods. It is a relatively safe high-drain cell providing tremendous power to mod lovers operating 40-watt+ box mods. Sometimes you need one; sometimes you need two to provide maximum output. The Sigelei 35a High-drain Battery Sigelei’s cells are 2500mAh powerhouses providing 3.7V of power and safe... Read More »

Sigelei 75W Plus

Sigelei 75W PlusVapers: if you do not have a box mod yet but you want to learn how to vape huge clouds, the Sigelei 75W Plus mod could be the device for you. Vendors are now taking pre-orders for this simple, practical item with an ergonomic body and striped grooves that give this glistening mod a sporty... Read More »

Sigelei Mini Book

Sigelei Mini BookWhy does Sigelei refer to their 40W mod as a “Mini Book?” It’s a little confusing at first: are they talking about an instruction manual or some other piece of technical literature? No: Sigelei is referring to their 40-watt mod which takes the shape and appearance of book covered in leather with a rounded “spine”... Read More »

Sigelei Fuchai 200W

Sigelei Fuchai 200WSigelei promises to bring “the vape world to new heights” with their latest box mod, the Fuchai 200W-TC. I am unsure if the people at Sigelei get out much but they might not have noticed there are a few other 200W and even temperature control (TC) box mods out there. Once Evolv released their 200W... Read More »

MyFreedomSmokes Box Mod Kit

MyFreedomSmokes Box Mod KitMyFreedomSmokes is a general purpose e cig company carrying high powered vaping devices but at affordable prices. On their site, vapers will find DIY juice-making essentials, RBAs, RDAs, mods, and starter kits. They can also choose how to configure their own box mod kit. Box Mod Caution I will start with a word about box... Read More »

Sigelei 100 Watt Box

Sigelei 100 Watt BoxConsumers have trusted Sigelei to manufacture top-quality e cig products for several years. Their latest addition to the various mods available in this diverse market is the 100 Watt Box Mod. In this sector alone, there has been an explosion of choice: dozens of new box mods, some cheaply made with sub-standard parts, lots of... Read More »

Sigelei Mini 30W

Sigelei Mini 30WRead what vapers have to say about their pastime and you will notice that most of them are not even interested in 150W box mods or RDAs. It is a specialist field, while even the 30W style is more than most vapers really want or need. Truly, a device like the Sigelei Mini 30W is... Read More »

Sigelei 150W Box

Sigelei 150W BoxThe high-watt mod format comes in a wide range of shapes that resemble a box, some of which are truly geometric in nature. Other shapes are creative combinations of rounded elements and right angles. The Sigelei 150W mod merely varies the ubiquitous box shape by shaving off each of its four corners, which is the... Read More »

Sigelei 75W Box

Sigelei 75W BoxI consider it highly interesting that companies which have already released successful high-watt mods such as Sigelei would go backwards to offer a device of lesser output. Sigelei already makes a 100W and 150W box mod: why reverse direction to bring you a 75W model? Safety could be the issue here or it might be... Read More »

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