SMOK Micro One 150 Kit

SMOK Micro One 150 KitGreek legend features a character named Minos, a son of Zeus and first king of Crete apparently. SMOK and other Chinese manufacturers love the Greek names: Triton, Atlantis, Zephyrus, Pegasus, and so on. They seem to adore any connection with European culture and especially the mythological, larger-than-life characters of these ancient stories. Maybe customers in... Read More »


SMOK TF RDTALooking to enjoy the best of both worlds from an atomizer? You love the dripping style and its results, but could do without the hassle of carrying a bottle of e-juice throughout a vaping session and having to vape two-handed. A tank would be better, but vapor production and flavor aren’t quite equal to what... Read More »


SMOK H-PRIVLooks like SMOKTECH is releasing a beautiful looking device, the H-PRIV 200W TC that has the temperature control feature, and runs up to 200 watts, according to their instagram, as there is nothing on their website. SMOK has been focusing on the advanced end of vaping for quite some time and it shows. Their design... Read More »

SMOK R-Steam Mini

SMOK R-Steam MiniAt SMOK, they invite vapers to “Pig Out” on vaping and they choose a blood-smear font. I can’t say this appealed to me as an ad campaign and if I chose to buy the 80W TC SMOK R-Steam Mini Mod it would not be as a result of this ravenous advertising tactic but in spite... Read More »

SMOK Stick One Plus Kit

SMOK Stick One Plus KitOnce again, vapers get to type in their online order for a new vaping mod and then wait for the device to be released before it can be delivered. This can take time and a lot of patience. Imagine it: you place your order today and then forget about it, knowing SMOK might finally release... Read More »


SMOK R200SMOK is marketing their new mod as a truly compact device, using size as the R200’s main competitive feature. Some of their points are over-sold a little while others are impressive. That’s not even mentioning technical specifications. SMOK R200: 200 Watts SMOK supplies graduated vaping levels for advanced consumers, culminating in the 200W R200. Fire... Read More »

Exciting SMOK Cloud Machine Kit

Exciting SMOK Cloud Machine KitDo I really mean this? Could the Cloud Machine Kit really be an exciting new release from Smok, makers of the BT vaporizer series and the Magneto mechanical mod? Actually, it is kind of exciting because this is one of the fanciest box mods you will come across. The Smok Cloud Machine Kit Contents Here... Read More »


SMOK RSST-CA Genesis-style atomizer has a vertical wick, so you will sometimes see a tank described as a BCVT: Bottom Coil Vertical Tank. The SMOK RSST-C atomizer is a rebuildable Genesis-style tank available from numerous SMOK vendors and formerly a super-model in its class. You might also know SMOK by their Magneto mechanical mod, Gimlet Cloud... Read More »

SMOK Treebox

SMOK TreeboxSMOK’s newest mod is not just fancy on the inside; the Treebox is beautiful on the outside too. Consumers might be distracted by its dark red hue and the unique grain of Brazilian Zebrawood. They could forget there is a real, working mod under this gorgeous exterior, and who could blame them? There is nothing... Read More »


SMOK XPRO M80 PlusSmok has already released a successful product in the VW market: their XPRO M22. This device sits in the palm of your hand, can be switched from VW to mechanical mode, and can manage sub-ohm vaping to 0.5 ohms when used as a mechanical cig. But SMOK saw that even extending the watt limit this... Read More »

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