Yihi SX Mini Q Class

Yihi SX Mini Q ClassYihi makes control chips for multiple mods, especially the Pioneer4You iPV lines, and they are considered some of the industry’s best. Yihi products rival those made by America’s Evolv and also affect the price of your new mod. Yihi also makes their own mods, and the Yihi SX Mini Q Class is one such device.... Read More »

SX Mini By Yihi

SX Mini By YihiYihi microchips for variable watt mods crop up repeatedly to the point that one has to wonder: why doesn’t Yihi just make their own variable watt mod? They have, actually, and it’s flying out the door faster than you can say Sub-ohm Cloud Chaser. The following is a review of the SX Mini by Yihi... Read More »