Ceravape Soter Tank

At Ceravape, they invite vapers to make a note in their calendars. You will taste your e juice for 3 months. That’s ninety days or an entire season. How does this work? Buy the Ceravape Soter Tank and find out.

Who Is Ceravape?

Shenzhen, China, has produced another rival for Innokin, Kanger, et al.: Ceravape Technology. They create tanks made with an innovative ceramic wick instead of cotton or glass fiber, a selection borne out of studies showing that ceramic wicks take far longer to wear out.

Melting temperatures are much higher, so, while a metal alloy is worn dry, such is not the case with your ceramic coil which gives Ceravape their name. They are sure these wicks will last longer than traditional ones and also prove to be healthier owing to their heat resistance and neutral material.

The Ceravape team claims to have considerable experience working with ceramic wicks and a deep knowledge about the topic. Read their company bio where traits such as “professional honesty” and “service” are highlighted.

Ceravape Soter Tank

A huge tank awaits you: 8 ml as opposed to 2 to 4.5ml, the typical values seen on display shelves and online catalogues. This massive RBA makes a significant footprint as you build your system, but one which won’t need to be refilled very often through the day if at all. If you like a smaller device, this one is probably a bit bulky and tall. If refilling every little while is driving you nuts, try the Soter Tank by Ceravape. It might prove more efficient too.

Made to Last

This 510 tank had been constructed using stainless steel and Pyrex. The food-grade metal employed here ensures a hygienic experience resistant to bacteria, but a rebuildable format allows vapers to clean their tanks fully every day. Even the wicks can be washed.

There are also three dual coil ceramic wicks: 6 wires heating your e juice. Vapers should expect to be covered in clouds and will also experience the most healthful vaping possible. Ceramic is a neutral material favored in this sort of technology.

Buy the Tank

Purchase the 8-ml Soter Tank with its triple coils rated 1.2 ohms each and you essentially wind up with a 0.4-ohm tank for 50W, perhaps 70W vaping or thereabouts. The kit is also available at 0.3 ohms (0.9-ohm ceramic coils). Vapers receive a spare tank, more O-rings in bright colors, and one replacement coil as well.

Create a system using this sub ohm RBA plus perhaps the Sigelei Mini Book or an iStick between 30 watts and 60 watts. An eVic by Joyetech would also be compatible and the clean lines of this stainless accessory make it aesthetically complementary where virtually any mod is concerned.

Hygeia Tank V2 by Ceravape

Try this new version of Ceravape’s Hygeia Tank, a 6-ml accessory with curvier lines than the Soter, especially at the tip. The top cap curves upward before connecting with a mouthpiece bearing softer lines than the wide-bore tip on top of a Soter sub ohm tank. You can still fill from the top too.

Caps on the Soter and Hygeia are textured, making them easy to grip when replacing the coil or cleaning. They are made from the same materials and a Hygeia V2 employs that dual coil ceramic wick again with the same resistance options.

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