Eleaf iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 Review & Coupon

The Eleaf iStick electronic cigarettes have been popular with vapers and tech fans alike for their easy-to-use vaping functions and their willingness to embrace new technological innovations in the industry. The latest model is the Eleaf iStick QC 200W with the MELO 300 sub-ohm tank, which allows the user to enjoy a smooth and intense vaping experience, with enough battery power to last all day.

iStick QC 200W — More Powerful Mod

With a potential power output of an impressive 200 watts, the iStick QC 200W is already an improvement on the previous top-of-the-range Eleaf vape mod, yet it has sacrificed nothing in the sleek and stylish design for this extra power. It is still comfortable to use, with intuitive and simple push button controls, and an easy-to-read LED screen to help you maintain perfect control over temperature and power.

If you are using the device in wattage mode, the iStick QC 200W has a great pre-heat function that ensures quicker ramp-up times for those vapers who prefer the higher wattage options. This device has also been fitted with some useful safety features too, such as Dual Circuit Prevention, which prevents both overcharging and over-discharging, making the iStick QC 200W safer for vapers, particularly those who want to take advantage of the higher wattage available in this vape mod.

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The immensely powerful 5000mAh internal battery will keep even heavy users and cloud chasers vaping all day long, yet it can be charged very quickly if you need to leave the house in a hurry through its USB cable.

One excellent feature of the iStick QC 200W is that you can turn the vape mod itself into your own portable charger; splash out of the Eleaf RC adapter and your vape mod can become a portable charger for any other device — cell phone, music player — which also recharges via a USB port.

MELO 300 — Working in Perfect Combination

The Eleaf iStick QC 200W is designed to work perfectly with the MELO 300 tank, a sub-ohm vaping tank that produces intense flavors and satisfyingly large clouds of vapor. The Melo 300 has a roomy 3.5-ml capacity tank with an easy top-fill design to make refills on the go less of a hassle; the sleek stainless steel and Pyrex glass design complements the Eleaf iStick QC 200W wonderfully, and you can buy both replacement Pyrex tanks and atomizers from Eleaf directly when the time comes to make replacements or adjustments.

The MELO 300 comes pre-installed with an ES Sextuple 0.17-ohm atomizer, which is best used at wattages between 100 and 300 watts — perfect for using with the iStick QC 200W, while airflow control is neatly tucked into the base of the tank, allowing you easy control over vapor production to meet your own personal taste and preferences.

This is a reliable yet innovative piece of vaping equipment that will be instantly familiar to fans of Eleaf products who are looking to progress to a more advanced and more powerful vape mod and sub-ohm tank set-up. Designed to be functional and attractive, this will appeal to all vapers, whether your priority is flavor, cloud chasing or a dependable device that has enough battery and tank capacity to keep you vaping while on the go.

The range of Eleaf accessories and extras means that you can easily make further adjustments and changes to your vape mod to fine tune vapor production even further; all in all, a great product for those familiar with vape mods but who are now seeking something with more power under the hood.

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