G-Plat vs Nichrome vs Kanthal vs Nickel vs Titanium Coil Wires

Vapers are not necessarily electricians. They can’t be expected to understand the significance of using a particular metal or gauge of coil when vaping at first. Later, when they are introduced to the subject of atomizer coils, there is a lot of information to absorb.

In the early days, it doesn’t matter: their clearomizer coils are not rebuildable and they use what is given to them by the manufacturer.

Electrical Advancement

By definition, however, an advanced system requires a knowledgeable approach. The safety of consumers is at stake, so there is no excuse for remaining ignorant about this topic.

What is the best type of material for DIY coil builds? Is there any substance to claims by various companies that their new alloys are better or safer and worth paying more for?

G-Plat WiresG-Plat Coil

I would almost dismiss claims regarding G-Plat without exploring further simply on the basis of chatter over the internet.

A vendor has developed this product made from a material similar to 316L Stainless Steel and is charging high prices for it: $17 for 32 ft (the smallest available length). Apparently, this alloy is comprised of more than 60% iron plus nickel, chromium, manganese, etc.

It has to be said that individuals curious enough to buy some discovered that G-Plat heats up a little faster than Kanthal and there is no metallic taste, but some vapers argue there are ways to prevent the occurrence of that metallic flavor. In general, there is hue and cry: G-Plat is too pricey.

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Nichrome Wire

Vapers have discovered this also heats up faster than Kanthal and operates at lower ohms. You can use it to build over a larger area to create more clouds while still using lower voltage according to experts.

Nichrome is a blend of nickel and chromium, but this is not as pure as the next alloy we are going to consider.

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Ni-200, commercially pure nickel, is being touted as the current big thing; very popular with manufacturers building sub ohm tanks and preferred by Evolv, makers of the DNA 40 chip, who say that their chip will only permit a system to reach the lowest possible resistance using this temperature-sensitive material.

It might take a little longer to heat up, but commercially pure nickel does not burn out as quickly as Kanthal wire. Your vapor is unlikely to taste burnt, e liquid is not charred, and the molecular integrity of your e juice remains intact throughout the vaping process because you are unable to overheat it using a regulated system, even at 0.15 ohms.

This is safer for one thing: charred vapor and chemical disturbance in vapor could be toxic. Furthermore, if your juice is not burning, it simply tastes better.


Titanium Wire

Not a lot is written about titanium coils so far except that it is a brittle material. Vapers who have tried wrapping coils find they do not want to heat it up too much: it simply breaks, which could be frustrating.

Although you would find it suitable for low-ohms and low-watt setups (maybe 15 watts), there is also the trouble of building a coil without it constantly fracturing and having to start again.

Titanium is certainly pure, though.

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Kanthal Twisted Wire

This is the most popular and cheapest sort of coil, available in several gauges and lengths. Whereas certain materials are only sold in huge volumes, you can buy small rolls of this stuff from almost any retailer.

Some forum contributors, however, are concerned about Kanthal in vaporizers because of a relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. Research suggests there might be a connection, and it is difficult to say whether a vaper is inhaling any or enough vaporized aluminum for there to be an effect.

Certainly, compared with nickel anyway, Kanthal burns down more quickly, indicating that at high watts this material could enter the vapor pathway.

Electricians and vapers agree, however, that you can avoid a lot of problems by building carefully and choosing a moderate temperature. At such low prices as $3.99 for 32 feet, this is undoubtedly the cheapest material and, during the build process, Kanthal is sturdy.

You might taste some metal in your vapor according to certain bloggers, but by studying some of the tricks other vapers propose, this problem could be eliminated and, potentially, the problem of inhaling aluminum.

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