Horizon eClipse Digital Box

Horizon makes the Spartan BTC, Arctic Sub-ohm tank, and a box mod known as the eClipse. This is one of those rare, colorful mods available in shades like lime green and pink whereas many are dull, colorless, metallic or black devices but powerful and light.

The eClipse Digital Box Mod by Horizon retains the portable and durable qualities of other VW devices but is prettier to look at.

Protective Elements on the Horizon

If you are using a variable watt mod, you know there are potential risks associated with low resistance and high temperatures particularly. Here is what you can expect to happen in the event of overheating or a shorted circuit.

The eClipse will shut off and the display will indicate what has occurred. You can check the atomizer or wait for the mod to cool off.

If voltage is low or you vape for too long at one time, the same things happen: your mod shuts off and a warning shows up on the screen. Low voltage would be anything below 3.3 volts. Low resistance falls below 0.5 ohms.

Power-UP the eClipse

Operate the Horizon eClipse Digital mod by pressing the square firing button 5 times quickly, within 2 seconds. Do the same again to turn off your mod and save power while also ensuring no little hands can play around and start the eClipse accidentally. This button is situated along the top of one thin side while a two-sided pivoting button at the other end of the same side features up and down controls.

Inside the box there is a 2000-mAh battery which operates the entire system including a narrow screen displaying power and atomizer resistance. This screen is installed in a depression on the front panel located half-way down on the left. Charge your Samsung battery via a micro USB port located sensibly on the opposite narrow side to the button controls, not at the very bottom of your mod.

A red light comes on to indicate the charge is still going on. A built-in chip prevents the eClipse from overcharging. The battery can be removed: you simply have to unscrew the back panel, which is also where you find linear vents to keep your battery cool while vaping at 35 watts. Your possible settings are from 7 to 35 watts and 3.3 to 4.2 volts. The microchip regulates voltage when it detects resistance and you set watts by 0.1-watt increments.

A Perfect Pair

Horizon makes tanks as well, including their Arctic and Spartan. Since the eClipse is a relatively low-watt VW box mod, you can safely use the Spartan, although an Arctic is suitable at 35 watts and 0.5 ohms.

The Spartan BTC features an airflow control valve, 4 optional coil settings (from 0.5 ohms up to 2 ohms), and a slender design. Fill from the top or bottom to 3.5 ml. Your Pyrex/stainless steel combination will endure without corrosion and a Pyrex tube is sturdier than ordinary glass to stand up to daily use, even highly acidic liquids.

Horizon also makes the Horse Mechanical Mod, eGo and pass-through batteries, an herbal vaporizer, and many more devices. They operate out of Shenzhen, home of other famous e cig manufacturers (and their competitors) such as JoyeTech, Kanger, Innokin, and Smok. You can buy Horizon devices online at affordable prices.

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