Horizon Spartan Tank

Horizon sees its name on numerous top-ten and even top-five lists where vaping experts and consumers rate their favorite tanks. Whether talking about style points (the Phantom) or purely function (the Phantom and Arctic), this Chinese tank specialist is strong and keeps getting stronger.

Their Horizon Spartan tank is another hot seller, but not for the same audience or at least not for use with the same sorts of vaporizers its big brothers would be attached to.

Horizon Spartan Low Resistance Tank

Horizon once again uses their BTC or Bottom Turbine Coil system to pull e juice down and around, like a blender, creating a more efficient and potential vaporous experience. This time however, their audience is only mid-level; maybe intermediate or early advanced. Using this with a sub ohm vaping system is not recommended: the tank and coils were not constructed for high output levels. Maintain a modest approach with the humble Spartan.

The BTC Coil

Horizon upgraded their coil system. It now contains organic cotton. You can’t successfully market a tank to high-level users anymore without organic cotton. This material creates the purest vapor and that is important when high temperatures are sure to release any nasty stuff remaining in lesser materials. Even though the Spartan is destined for humble efforts, a 10W system creates a lot more heat than an eGo.

Spartan Simplicity

Horizon’s Spartan tank was developed for low-to-mid-level APVs like an eVic Supreme or the Innokin iTaste VV4, not a 200W Sigelei Fuchai or Hanna Modz DNA40. Three to six volts is a suitable range and no more than 18W.

At these levels, using e juice with a moderate level of vegetable glycerin (50%, for instance), you will still produce lovely vapor without clogging coils. Numerous great brands such as Space Jam, Volcano e liquids, and Apollo’s Signature Series are suitable.

Bottom and Top Fill

Horizon recommends that consumers first fill their tank from the bottom. After the initial fill, it is fine to refill from the top or the bottom as your level drops. Once your atomizer and tank are united, having this flexibility is fantastic for preventing more work and mess.

More Details about the Spartan

As the name suggests, this is not a flashy item. It’s narrow and tall-looking with a removable slender mouthpiece, metal caps, a relatively small airflow control valve, and uncovered Pyrex glass tube. Inside, you can replace the coil with 1-ohm, 1.6-ohm, or 2-ohm heads but nothing sub ohm. Your tube measures 3.5 ml: more than the Aspire Triton but less than a Subtank Mini.

Dual Function

The Spartan comes ready to fit to an eGo or a 510-threaded battery or base. This could be an iStick 10W (510) or a Vision Spinner (eGo). Horizon’s tank is built with 510 threads but the kit contains an adapter. Inside your kit you will also find two 2-ohm BDC atomizers. Retailers list this tank for a round $6 to $10.

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