Kanger Pro RBA Deck

The Kanger Protank has been released in a new form known simply as the Protank 4. Kanger jazzes up their fabulous glassomizer to provide a metal framework for protection, sub ohm coils, new ways to refill, and more features. One of these is a rebuild deck.

Kanger Pro 4 RBA

Before we get into the details of this new Protank feature, start by looking at the tank as a whole. It measures 65.5 x 22 mm and holds up to 5 ml of e juice. Although this is a generous figure, top and side-fill methods are both acceptable here and make for convenient refills any time.

Multiple Compatibility

If this unit is part of the new Tesla Stealth, for instance, leave it in the console where you can see the e juice draining and drip in more of your top flavor without having to create a work space or set time aside. Don’t deconstruct a vape setup by unscrewing the mod from the tank and refills only become a small interlude, barely long enough to hum a top-10 tune.

With the RBA Deck there’s no limit to the number of vape mods you can select for use with the Kanger Pro 4, whether they are tube-shaped like the SUBVOD or wide and narrow like an iPV5.

Quality Construction

This tank, made from stainless steel and reinforced glass, uses stainless steel organic cotton coil heads, Clapton coils, and ceramic coils. It features a child lock for the safety of vapers’ children and other young family members made curious by the colorful liquid inside.

Airflow Valves

Airflow is controllable on the bottom part of the tank. Change the opening of this valve to achieve MTL (Mouth-to-lung) or DL (Direct Lung) vapor as per your personal preference.

Kanger Pro RBA Deck

Kangertech Pro RBA

Kanger and vape vendors generally refer to this as a velocity-style deck. This simply means it is large, with dual posts and 4 holes, making it very easy to use. You still need to be an advanced vape consumer, not just a beginner.

But new coil builders with a DIY bent will cut their teeth relatively painlessly on this format. The big deck features enhanced airflow. Select a wider assortment of coils now that you are building your own style. You can now utilize the Protank with a Variable Temperature device by installing Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, or Nickel 200 coils.

Proprietary Deck

This is not unusual, but worth pointing out: Kanger’s Pro 4 RBA deck is proprietary. In other words, you can only install it into the Protank 4. Other rebuildable vape tanks have their own optional RBA decks plus pre-built coils to choose from such as the Uwell Crown and SMOK TFV4.

Even though size and design are very similar between many 22-mm tanks, there are enough differences to prevent you from swapping, but there is no need anyway. Kanger always releases plenty of stock to retailers so their public doesn’t go without.

More from Kanger

Kanger makes several mods featuring specially designed tanks; mods where you cannot apply the Protank 4, even with the RBA deck. The Dripbox uses a bottom-fed dripping atomizer tank fed by an e juice bottle below. Their Nebox is an all-in-one vaporizer containing its own sub ohm vape tank.

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    Eric Mitchell August 8, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    I can’t find anyone who’s selling just the Kangertech Protank 4 velocity style RBA deck only. My Vapor Store is sold out of them & Aliexpress only sells a minimum of 10 of them at a time. I purchased my Kangertech Protank 4 atomizer off eBay for $14. something, & in the description it stated that the RBA deck was included, but when I received it, there was no RBA deck……only a premade coil installed. I have a choice to return the Kangertech Protank 4 back to the eBay seller I purchased it from for a refund, but if I can find the velocity style RBA deck sold separately, I’ll just keep it & buy the RBA deck for it. If you know of any online vape shops selling just the Kangertech Protank 4 velocity style RBA deck only, please let me know. Thank you very much!
    Eric Mitchell

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