Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Starter Kit

When you see that a device is now in its second or third incarnation (V2, V3, etc.), you know that the designers and manufacturers tweaked it a little. Something has changed, but not enough for the product to become an entirely different model worthy of a brand new name.

Kanger has upgraded their KBox in response to customer comments about their original KBox. That’s why consumers are encouraged to write honest reviews so that they get the device they want and a company keeps its clients.


Another product that customers really like in the vaping market is a starter kit. This is not always a bundle for brand new vapers; it can also be a set of essential parts for learning how to use a new type of mod.

The KBox SUBOX Mini-C starter kit is an advanced set. This kit contains a KBox Mini and a Subtank Mini, hence the blending of their names into SUBOX. Read below to learn the specifications of this set which doesn’t include the biggest of everything but a compact blending of complementary equipment.

Clients don’t need to ask what sort of tank to buy; the decision is made and Kanger thinks they have selected the perfect atomizer tank to pair with this KBox vape mod.

KBox Mini-C Mod

A box mod is a high-watt product, here producing 7 to 50 watts by increments of 0.1W at a time. The device is portable and small, not to mention light as a result of Kanger’s decision to use a zinc alloy for the body. Turn the unit on by pressing the power button rapidly 5 times and off again by doing the same thing. It comes in black, white, or silver.

Install an 18650 battery and swap this when it is low on power rather than waiting for the whole mod to finish charging. A magnetic cover conveniently holds the cell in place and makes it easy to access the battery without undoing screws.

Kanger’s IT department has protected vapers from low resistance (under 0.3 ohms), a short circuit, reverse battery installation, and low battery power. Vape for more than 10 seconds and the device cuts you off.

Sometimes you get a warning on the screen. Other times the device shuts off. Codes come up on a little screen between small power and adjustment buttons; refer to a manual included with the set to determine what these codes mean.

Dropping the Mini-C could cause a dent in the frame, but the screen is too deep inside the frame to be harmed. The USB port for upgrading firmware is situated below the buttons and the screen. This can also be used to charge the battery if you find this a more convenient method.

Kanger Top Filling Mini Tank

Here is where a lot of the improvements have been made. This shorter tank holds only 3 ml as opposed to 4.5 ml, but vapers can fill their new tank from the top. There’s very little work involved and the system doesn’t leak as much. A transparent Pyrex tube is tipped with a new, wider mouthpiece which can be removed in order to clean it or change the look of a system.

The tank is 22 mm in diameter, a slender accessory for a small mod. A 510 connection between tank and mod allows vapers to attach an iStick to the tank or a Melo III to the KBox, for instance.

An insulated RBA option appeals to individuals confident enough to build coils. Kanger’s new kit comes complete with extra coils containing organic cotton from Japan to create big, clean-tasting, puffy clouds. The tank is a small version of the original Subtank Mini, but all KBox mods by Kanger are compact in reality, reasonably priced, and user-friendly, even at higher power levels.

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    Mike November 26, 2016 at 3:53 am

    I just bought one to replace my year-and-a-half old Subox Mini. While the mod itself is a good replacement with a lot of improvements – not the least of which is greatly improved comfort in the hand – the new Protank 5 is easily the worst tank I’ve ever encountered. If you like drinking your juice, you might like it. But the rotating covers that lock out juice are another major annoyance. On top of it all, you’ll need to run it at 30w to get the same cloud I get from my Mini at 20, with the exact same coil. As noted above, the capacity is a lot smaller, too.

    Right now, I’ve got my old tank on the new mod, and will be hunting for a copy of the old Mini tank this weekend. I might buy two.

  2. Reply
    Noddy October 28, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Yes I would agree with Mike on the issue of the tank. The sealing O-rings are a good idea but it will leak if it’s not perfectly positioned and a bit of twisting clock or counter clockwise is needed to find that leak free spot. I’ll be looking at getting a better tank.
    The mod itself is good once you find the right setting for your own personal taste. For me 0.5Ω coil @ 35W is my sweet spot

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