Pairing Atomizer Resistance With Wattage

The high-tech world of vape mods is freeing vapers from the mathematics of pairing voltage with resistance safely. A year ago it was common for a vaper to get out his chart, measure resistance on his coil build, and set volts according to how hot he wanted his vapor to be in order to control the thickness of clouds and warmth of vapor. Now he does not do that unless he considers himself a purist.

Changing to Variable Watts

Now a vaper buys electronic upgrades, often the same devices of yesterday (literally) with one additional feature: variable wattage. Many tube mods which once could only be adjusted for variable volts are now VW APVs. Here is the advantage.

Adjusting for Wattage

When you choose a variable watt device, you are also choosing the easy route and one which is probably safer. Select a compatible atomizer and select output. The chip inside your mod automatically adjusts voltage based on the relationship between resistance and watts.

Basic Rules about Watts

This industry is changing quickly. A few months ago, the relationship between low resistance and high watts seemed to be this: the more watts you could achieve, the lower resistance was available to you.

Vapers and manufacturers soon proved this was not so, especially Evolv with their 40W DNA chip. With DNA-fitted devices reaching about 1/3 the maximum output available from most manufacturers, vapers were still able to vape at very low resistance of around 0.1 ohms.

How did they do this?

Evolv instructed their customers to install atomizers built with commercially pure nickel.

Temperature Sensitivity and Control

Ni-200 coils heat up slowly but retain heat well without breaking down under stress. Moreover, they burn hotter naturally and do not require hotter temperatures to achieve this, so sub-ohm resistance is possible without getting to the point of an 180W or 260W setting.

As designers understand this relationship, they are dialing back on maximum wattage to create temperature-controlled devices capable of just 40W to 60W and still giving vapers what they want, but more safely. The newest systems not only monitor for high temperatures; they automatically cool down by dropping to lower wattage if a device seems to be overheating.

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