Pioneer4you IPV5 200W

Pioneer4you might just have released the loveliest, sleekest, soon-to-be most sought-after mod there is — for now anyway. At least it will be the most beautiful device around when the product is available, but vapers can pre-order the Pioneer4you IPV5 200W TC while they wait for delivery day to arrive.

Top Watts, Yihi Chip

It has been a while since we heard from Yihi. Their SX330-200 chip is inside the IPV5 200W TC mod. This chipset provides state-of-the art protection and vaping technology to a slender package powered by two 18650 cells which are sold separately.

Removable Batteries

Let’s not overlook that little phrase “sold separately” which is meaningful to a vaper. When you have to purchase batteries, that also means you can remove them. When you can remove them, you are not tied to your computer by a USB cord while cells recharge, forced to switch mods, or reluctantly maneuvered into a non-vaping phase of the day.

You can replace batteries and keep on going wirelessly unless you need this natural break from puffing anyway. Don’t worry about the dangers of reverse battery installation; the Yihi chip protects you from that, from over-charging, short circuit, and more.

Regulated Mod

Create a custom formula that seems to suit your e juice best and your subjective preferences about temperature (cool, warm, or very hot). No one knows the ideal settings better than you even if you and a vaping friend discuss a particular brand and flavor of the same strength. Set output to 200 watts maximum.

Alternatively, select a temperature capped at 572F. The beautiful OLED screen will keep you in the loop as values change. Although the iPV5 200W is consistent, it is also protective and does certain things automatically to protect the device, its owner, and to maintain your settings.

If you are operating in TC (temperature control) mode, watts will reach a threshold, so you can arrive at your chosen value but slowly drop as the coil requires less output to do its job. In Variable Watt mode, your temperature is changing constantly because of output and the screen depicts this change, even to the point where watts have to be dropped to prevent overheating.

Pioneer4You iPV5 $49.95 + Free Shipping

Firmware Upgrade

Yihi’s SX330-200 Chipset is an upgrade from their previous technology, but the company is not done making improvements. When the next ones are available for purchase, it will be unnecessary to replace the iPV5 unless you are bored with it by then. If not, take the cord provided, connect it to a laptop or PC, sign on to Pioneer4you’s website, and download the latest upgrades.

Works with Top Coils

Pioneer4you’s new release supports the best coil materials; the kinds you must install to operate in TC mode. Choose a tank that contains a Ni200, stainless steel, or Titanium coil. This will allow you to experience the greatest vaping variety and customization because without one of these coils TC vaping is unavailable. You won’t regret the change, though.

TC coils do not burn down as quickly as Kanthal and Nichrome, so you replace them less frequently. That helps to reduce the long-term cost of buying more expensive replacements. Another mitigating factor is that in temperature control mode you tend to burn juice more slowly and you don’t wind up with dry hits: another reason to switch. Thirdly, the battery is not taxed to the same extent because the iPV5 will automatically turn down watts when your temperature is reached.

A Little Bit Sci-Fi

For me one of the biggest selling features is aesthetic. An iPV5 reminds me of a Star Trek teleportation or communication device. I can’t believe this is a 200W TC mod: softened edges and rounded side make it appear smaller and much less powerful.

As you press buttons and watch the screen light up, it could be a shock at first when you reach those high wattage and temperature levels. When it’s finally in the hot little hands of thousands of vapers worldwide, there are going to be a lot of happy customers proudly displaying their iPV5 200W TC from Pioneer4You and pretending to be Captain Picard.

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    Ryan September 13, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    This is by far the best box mod I have ever had. The technology is fantastic! The battery life is stellar even with high wattage vapiing. The product is sturdy and I love the magnetic battery door. The IPV4 was great but nothing compared to this beast. I cant wait to replace my Aspire tank to something better.

    • Reply
      vmadmin October 5, 2016 at 3:20 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I love this mod myself, one of my favorites, and I ended up with two as I saw the prices were dropping on them and figured they would probably run them out.

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