Right now you might be puffing on a mini cig for maybe the fifth or sixth time. You are just getting used to the idea that you are officially an “ex-smoker” and discovering taste buds again. RBAs are a long way off; you might never get into them. Then again, as vaping grows on you and the potential this hobby has to become much more than a replacement for cigarettes becomes obvious, rebuildable atomizers will pique your curiosity. A lot of people must really love them because just about every vape store in the US carries a range of them.

Why Rebuild?

An atomizer is the container for a coil. A coil conducts heat taken from the battery into e liquid, thus heating it the way a ring on your stove heats a pot of water to boil vegetables. The container for an atomizer is a disposable item, but if the whole thing is disposable that creates a lot of waste and possibly costs a fair bit of money.

When you rebuild, most of the atomizer remains: caps, the tube, a mouthpiece, posts, and so on. All you throw out is the heating element and wick or cotton. This saves a lot of money and prevents a great deal of waste.

Three Kinds of Rebuildable Atomizers

The three sorts of RBAs you will encounter are Genesis style (filled at the top), regular bottom-fed RBAs, and dripping atomizers known as RDAs. A dripping atomizer does not have a tank. You drip juice right into the coil and into a tiny well.

Tools and Equipment

To rebuild a vaporizer, you will need stainless steel mesh, silica or Ekowool, and resistance wire. Mouthpieces are also required and sometimes tank tubes will need replacing. Your toolkit will also contain needle-nosed pliers, nail clippers, and a lighter or small torch.

Pieces of a Rebuildable Atomizer

Your atomizer is fitted with two or three posts. These are for wrapping the coil in a single or dual-coil formation. When you first learn to wrap your own coils, it could be worth going to a vape shop and even paying for a lesson if that is necessary. Sometimes patient vendors kindly work with their customers to demonstrate the process or even rebuild atomizers for free, but that could require frequent trips to the shop until you get the hang of rebuilding the device.

Many online tutorials are very good. They would be great as supplements to hands-on tuition.

Brands and Models

In the Genesis category, there are several choices of which the AGA-T3 or T4 would be among the most affordable. A Smok RSST is also good value. Buy an authentic Kraken and you are paying big money. Choose a clone of the Kraken and it could cost as much as or only slightly more than the RSST or AGA products.

Dripping atomizers are especially well liked by vapers for whom clouds are important. Every vaper wants to produce them, but certain consumers compete over cloud size the way gum chewers blow bubbles to see who can blow the biggest.

IGO makes some dripping atomizers such as the IGO-W. The Plume Veil is another excellent choice.

For a regular RBA, consider the Steam Turbine, Kaiser, or an RSBT by Smok. This last one joins an affordable crowd but the Kaiser and Steam Turbine could set you back quite a bit more.

Generally, the section for atomizers at any high-end vape shop contains a variety of devices in all three categories; none of them clones of limited edition products. Expensive RBAs are collectors’ items and often purchased by vapers who become fans of the art as much as they are fans of the juice.