RDAs For Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is not new but is a hobby of increasing popularity among serious, advanced vapers. At the mini cig level you get a wisp of vapor. When you use an eGo, the clouds are a little bigger, but nothing special.

Use a moderately powerful APV like the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 and variable wattage provides the opportunity for higher watts and bigger vapor. But it is not until you unveil a variable watt tube or box mod with at least 30W capacity that you really understand what cloud chasing looks like.

Sub-ohm Vaping at its Best

You can’t really increase cloud depth and intensity until you use a sub-ohm atomizer and high-watt system. The highest watts available come from names like Sigelei, Smok, Pioneer4You, and Cloupor.

These Chinese manufacturers are producing up to 150W capability which can handle as little as 0.15 ohms resistance with their smart chips. The only atomizers capable of these small numbers are RDAs: rebuildable dripping atomizers.

What is a Dripping Atomizer?

Most atomizers are encased within clearomizers or tanks. They can be removed from high-quality tanks or clearomizers and rebuilt if you own an RBA (rebuildable atomizer), but the objective is to have a tank enclosing e juice so you don’t have to constantly refill them with e liquid.

A dripping atomizer is exposed. You drip liquid and add a mouthpiece to draw. Doing repeatedly might seem inconvenient, but users enjoy the best combination of high temperature and thick clouds this way. Atomizers are specially built to handle viscous e liquid: perfect for clouds.

Types of RDAs

Your selection includes:

• High-end, serialized RDAs
• Affordable clones of these mods
• Inexpensive originals from China

There is no single RDA rising above the others and some top-end devices are no better than the affordable replacements. You can even say that some low-cost options do a great job, but they aren’t the best vaping manufacturers have to offer. Serious vapers agree that if you want the best RDAs for cloud chasing, it’s worth paying a premium for authentic mods.

Best RDAs for Cloud Chasing

Among those best products you will see names like the Plume Veil, Tobh Atty, Vulcan, and Storm. You can usually tell real items from copies by price alone: a limited-edition RDA will cost between $60 and $120 in general. Copies come in at under $30 sometimes but no more than $50.

Tobh Atty V 2Tobh Atty

This is one of the most popular dripping atomizers money can buy. As a result, it is also one of the hardest to come by.

Even if you have the $90 available to buy one, there is no guarantee an example exists in stock anywhere in the country.

Pictured: Tobh Atty Clone

That is the point and problem with limited edition mods: they are out of stock quickly.

This one offers excellent flavor, accessories are available, and it creates loads of vapor. New top caps have recently come onto the market to make this item compatible with several mods.

Plume Veil ClonePlume Veil

Here is another RDA of repute, this time from Aethertech.

Choose the Plume Veil when you want a 3-post system with adjustable air flow on deck; one that creates amazing vapor clouds.

Expect to pay about $110.

Pictured: Plume Veil Clone

The Vulcan

A Vulcan is still excellent but costs less money than many other serialized atomizers at roughly $60. Do not let this lower price convince you that your juice won’t taste excellent: it will. Air holes are found in the “V” or “Vulcan” but are not controllable. Cooling fins create a cool, smooth vapor.

Enigma and Storm RDAs: Affordable Designs

Try the affordable Storm costing $25. Although not as prestigious a make as others mentioned so far, the Storm has a deep well which is convenient to drippers.

The stainless steel Enigma is no puzzle but another 3-post dripping atomizer with copper contacts. That makes for excellent connectivity and quality in a low-priced mod.

Overall Thoughts on RDAs

At the end of the day, your experience determines what is best. Many of these products are being tweaked for better performance while some which failed to make the list are also being upgraded so they can compete with the best. For someone satisfied to vape at 0.8 ohms, many other RDAs are just fine. The ones above are for 0.15 to 0.5-ohm vaping at its best.