Exciting SMOK Cloud Machine Kit

Do I really mean this? Could the Cloud Machine Kit really be an exciting new release from Smok, makers of the BT vaporizer series and the Magneto mechanical mod?

Actually, it is kind of exciting because this is one of the fanciest box mods you will come across.

The Smok Cloud Machine Kit Contents

Here is what the Cloud Machine Kit contains: an XCube II and a TFV4 atomizer. These have been successful as separate items, but together they create a stylish and formidable pairing.

Note that the version of Smok’s TFV4 featured here is only the single: a kit with several build option is sold separately. The kit contains replacement glass, a non-slip silicone ring, USB charger, a seal gasket, and one seal ring. You also receive the Triple Coil Head Atomizer and the XCube, version II.

The Atomizer

A TFV4 Atomizer is excellent value for money with various atomizer heads you can purchase at a later date to extend the reach of this lovely looking accessory.


It measures 73.5 mm x 24.5 mm and holds up to 5 ml of e juice. No other atomizer operates in quite the same way with its pivoting top cap enabling users to easily refill e juice from the top.

This means the drip tip stays in place and you don’t screw the lid down or unscrew it, reducing wear and the chance of cracking your glass.

Smok’s atomizer in this format sells for $39.99 but a $49.99 full kit comes with the RBA and quadruple coil heads. Triple coils are each contained in their own tubes.

Advanced XCube II Vaporizer

Smok’s X Cube II is also a revelation.


On first sight one would not necessarily find the design impressive, but take a closer look and give this unit a spin at your local vape shop.

Instead of a button, there is a power bar plus a long LED strip light. Buttons are featured at the top, but this is also a Bluetooth vaporizer so controls can be managed remotely.

Besides the screen on your device, planted squarely on top and beautifully clear, vapers also use an app with oodles of different colored graphics displaying assorted values like ohms, watts, temperature, voltage, and to read your vaping history. There are several memory modes as well.

You can take out the battery and replace it with a freshly charged one. A USB port on the device has been placed there in the event that Smok offers apps which enable one to upgrade the device at a later date.

Temperature Control Optional

The XCube II is not a Temperature Control (TC) mod by default. That setting is optional and costs just a few dollars, available as an app you download as noted above using the micro-port.

In TC mode, there is the advantage of being able to use Ni200 coils and fire at a minimum of 0.06 ohms. In VW mode, 0.1 ohms is your lowest resistance (up to 3 ohms).

If you choose to download the app, it is possible to set your vaporizer to a temperature somewhere between 100 and 315ÂșC and regulate this value consistently without fiddling with wattage.

Some people prefer that to letting their smart chip regulate watts and temperature automatically. With temperature control, vapers take total control of their device. Choose something between 6 and 160W, a pretty sizable range.

Coming Soon

The Kit is not out yet but consumers can expect it to sell out quickly. If you want one, pre-order as soon as you can or plan to wait a few more weeks.

X Cube II Starter Kit Starting At $113

Smok X Cube II Starter Kit Bundle

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