Best Sub-Ohm Kits for Vaping Enjoyment

The vape mod kits I am going to look at here have been chosen for the following reasons:

• popularity with consumers
• availability
• price range
• quality
• sub-ohm vaping range

This can be a confusing topic, and even if you already know you want to try a nice sub-ohm set up, you may not know what to buy, to make sure you have compatible hardware. This list below will take some of the confusion out of it for you, and I have listed some basic set ups, and some more advanced kits,

 Here are the best sub-ohm kits :

SMOK Alien Kit

This is my personal favorite kit. I have been loving the SMOK Alien, and have now ended up with three of them so far, and use them much more than all my other mods.

The Baby Beast tank goes quite well with it. I found out it really tastes much better when you have it in the recommended wattage range, and below that, I found it had a cotton flavor, like when you are breaking in come other coils, but up a bit higher, it tastes really nice.

Check out the Alien Kit here and get free shipping

VaporFi VAIO™ 75 TC Starter Kit Bundle

Here is a great kit if you aren’t exactly sure what all to get, as it has everything you need in a kit to start vaping, as with something like the Alien kit above, you could forget to buy batteries, or a well matched juice, and then have to wait longer to use it, or be stuck with less than ideal e-juice for a sub ohm set up.

This comes with 6 5 ohm coils, which is just about perfect to get into the sub-ohm vaping game. If you don’t know what that means, then this is for you, IF you want sub-ohm, as 0.5 is pretty perfect. There will be one other coil that is lower resistance coil that comes with the kit, which you can try as well (lower resistance means more vapor).

This device is an all-in-one, meaning the tank is built for it, so you just add the charged battery, fill it up and go (no need to find the perfect tank), and if you do decide to try another tank, it has an adapter for it.

More info and where to buy the VAIO bundle

Kanger KBOX 200W 


KBOX 200 Kit

This kit comes with the Kangertech KBOX 200W mod, and your choice of tank, 2 LG HE2 18650 batteries and a battery charger.

Choose from the Sense Herakles Plus, Uwell Crown or the SMOKTECH TFV4. Then you have all the eguipment you need for a nice sub-ohm kit, and will just need your favorite e-juice to go with it.


Amigo Low Tech Bundle

Amigo Mini Sub Kit

Okay, it’s not called that but by comparison the Amigo Mini 50W tank and base compilation is the less impressive. That’s because it is created for function and affordability, not to show off. You receive a charging cable, 4-ml anti-leak sub tank, and a cylindrical 50-watt device that supports 0.3 to 3 ohms resistance. Pay $30.


Eleaf iStick 30W Starter Kit

Eleaf iStick 30W Starter Kit Bundle

Swing back a long way but not quite as far as $30 to the Eleaf iStick 30W Kit with your choice of tank. These were selected from three compatible options: Kanger Mini, Innokin iSub Apex, or Eleaf Melo 2.

This set comes ready with the Eleaf 30W iStick, one tank of your choice, and a USB cable plus instructions. All devices sold at Direct Vapor are authentic, so each of the names below is genuine. All you have to do is decide which tank is most suitable for low-range Variable Watt or Variable Voltage vaping at up 30 watts, as low as 0.4 ohms, using a 2200-mAh battery on a narrow base.

The iSub Apex Top Fill Tank features two 0.5-ohm coils and Innokin’s flavor boost system, a removable tip, 3 ml capacity, and Japanese Organic Cotton. It’s probably the least versatile. Eleaf’s Melo Sub Ohm Tank comes with a 0.3-ohm EC head and TC coils for use with temperature control mods some other time.

Choose the Kanger Subtank Mini and your set arrives with a mini RBA base so you can build coils to personal specifications or use the 1.2-ohm and 0.5-ohm examples provided with this 4.5-ml tank.


Smok Micro One 80W TC Kit

Smok Micro One 80W TC Starter Kit

Somewhere between the high and the low end is this moderate-powered, reasonably priced set from one of the VW/TC leaders: SMOK. Their R80 mod works perfectly with the agile TFV4 Tank mentioned above.

A built-in 4000-mAh cell provides dual modes (TC and VW) while the TFV4 2.5-ml tank supplies super sub-ohm capabilities. This set priced around $80 provides 0.3-ohm and 0.25-ohm coils, an extension tube for 3.5-ml capacity, a charging cable, and OLED display.

The top-fill style is easy to use while airflow control provides superior personalization of flavor, temperature, and draw style. A high-tech chipset can be upgraded via the USB charging port and you can also use this as a pass-through vaporizer.


Matrix Sub Ohm KitThe Matrix

This is the one of the lowest-priced sub-ohm kit available, at least the cheapest of any quality. I wouldn’t look to pay anything less for a good device with a suitable atomizer already included.

The Matrix set costs around $65 with a USB cable and built-in battery plus both of the essential pieces of hardware. A maximum of 40W is fine for the average person.

Just add e juice and get ready to make clouds, but not the sort of clouds you would get from a high-watt mod.

A Matrix vaporizer operates at up to 40 watts and is charged from a USB port on its frame. The maximum resistance a Matrix will manage is 0.2 ohms. Conveniently, its matching tank is ready to go with a 0.2-ohm coil plus a 0.6-ohm spare.

The tank measures 22 mm which is the same width as many mechanical mods. It is also capable of handling 100 watts safely with its dual vertical coil, Pyrex glass tube, and 304 Stainless Steel frame. The Matrix holds up to 5 ml of liquid, making it the largest tank on this list. If you didn’t want to vape at such a moderate level as the vaporizer provides, the Matrix tank is safe to install onto a 60, 70, or even a 100W vaporizer.


Kanger subox mini starter kit in whiteMid-Range and Reliable Kanger Subox Mini

Kanger is quick to stay current, bringing their hardware up to speed as soon as the market makes a shift. They did so once again with their Kbox which went from 40 watts to 50 watts and has been tweaked to be safer and more stylish.

A range of 7 to 50 watts at 0.1W increments gives you freedom to vape lots of clouds or enjoy a more laid back experience.

Although 50 watts doesn’t make this as exciting as some of the 100 and 200W mods out there, Kanger’s offering is economical, reliable, and popular. Kanger is a name you can trust.

Low voltage and resistance protection, short circuit protection, reverse battery detection and prevention, and a low-battery warning ensure this is a safe experience all-round. That 18650 cell is removable: use the strong magnet-fastened door to hold it in place and to remove your cell without fiddly screws to deal with.

The Subtank Mini comes with three coil options: the PEEK insulated RBA (you build your own), a 0.5-ohm coil, and a 1.5-ohm coil. Coils are made with organic Japanese cotton. A Subtank also holds about 4.5 ml: not as much as the Matrix, but a substantial amount nonetheless.

Expect to pay around $60 for this set. With that RBA, you can attach the Subtank to other vaporizers and use temperature sensitive coils as well. That means the Subtank Mini can be used with Temperature Control mods.


aspire odyssey kitAspire Odyssey: Top-Level Tank

Aspire’s sub-ohm vape mod set consists of a Triton Tank and Pegasus Mod. Aspire is best known for their phenomenal tanks, but their Pegasus mod is an interesting gadget too. You alter watts (up to 70) using a dial instead of a button.

The 18650 battery is removable but can also be recharged in the box using a USB mini-port. Operate it as a pass-through vaporizer or let it recharge untouched. This mod comes with all the protection you get from Kanger’s Kbox.

The top-fill Triton comes with 0.4-ohm and 1.8-ohm coils and is made from top-quality glass and stainless steel as you would expect from Aspire. Although this is one of the most expensive Chinese kits (roughly $70), Aspire always produces an excellent atomizer, and their Pegasus is no slouch either.


Odyssey Ultimate Tech Bundle

Odyssey Ultimate Tech Bundle

This Aspire offering is a large kit. You receive Version 2 of the Odyssey Kit with a Pegasus Mod and Triton 3.5-ml tank. The set also contains 30 ml of Duchess Reserve Tres Leches flavored e juice by King’s Crest, a charging dock, accessories for the tank, and a battery. Your price is just over $110.


Shopping For Sub-Ohm Kits

Vapers usually browse mods and tanks independently. They buy a sub-ohm mod and might purchase a tank afterwards.

This gives them the chance to save up, selecting an item when it is affordable, and also allows them to be flexible about the combination they choose.

You don’t have to use a Kanger atomizer with a Kanger vaporizer. Most sub-ohm devices are made with spring-loaded 510-threaded wells which allow a person to add any RDA, RBA, or tank that suits him.

If you are willing to compromise or maybe be patient until you have a few more dollars in your pocket, however, vape mod kits save consumers money.

Value of a Bundle

Kits consist of the parts required to get you vaping as soon as the box is torn open. There is a tank inside, usually with a pre-installed coil; a mod and possibly batteries if they are not build into the device; and a USB cable for products which are USB-chargeable. Some companies send out e juice with a kit too but not usually, or the price is hiked a little when they do so.

Buy these items individually and you pay the full retail price for each one. Purchase items as a kit and the vendor reduces the price. Manufacturers sometimes build kits ready for sale. Sometimes vapor stores create their own bundles or give customers the opportunity to build custom kits. Talk to your favorite vendor and find out what he has to offer.

Convenience of a Bundle

While the price of a starter set is lower, that is only one reason to order a sub-ohm vape mod kit instead of building your own bundle. The convenience factor is big enough on its own. You don’t have to figure out which atomizers are made to handle the maximum wattage output of a given vaporizer. The pieces were designed and made to work together.

Sub Ohm Vape Kits

Direct Vapor has a lot going for it and one of those many features is their versatile and extensive selection, and they really stand out in this area, so they are worth talking about a bit more. Among headings on the website, consumers will see starter kits. Some of those are sub ohm vape kits.

As far as starter kits go, these are as far from beginners’ bundles as you can get. They are simple cost-saving selections and everyone likes to save a few dollars when they can. Direct Vapor specializes in saving you money.

Buy a Sub Ohm Vape Kit

An impressive array of brands, mod sizes, and kit contents awaits the thorough shopper who takes time to peruse the entire list at DV. Some sets are comprised of just the mod and tank and look exactly as they appear at other websites; the way Kanger, etc. packaged and shipped them.

Others are custom kits designed by Direct Vapor and perhaps supplied with e juice from a specific brand. All the major brands of technology are featured: Kanger, Innokin, Eleaf, and the rest. E juice comes from a variety of top-shelf sources.

Pros and Cons Of The DV Kits

Direct Vapor seeks to offer the industry’s best prices and even makes you a low-price promise. Shipping is free which drops the price a little too, especially on low-cost purchases. Some of the items shown above would have been subject to shipping fees at other sites. Direct Vapor promises that everything is authentic; and that they don’t market clones or pull a bait and switch.

A negative feature of some of these kits is that e juice is chosen for you. Granted, Direct Vapor selects excellent, gourmet, limited edition e juices. But if these aren’t to your taste, can you make a substitution? Maybe check that little detail out.

DirectVapor Bundles

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