Best Sub-Ohm Tanks 2016


New sub-ohm tanks make their way to vapor store shelves each week, some merely upgraded versions of familiar items. Choosing one when they all cost between $20 and $40 is a task you do not want to take lightly when adding up the overall cost of building a kit and maintaining it.

You could soon work through $100 worth of tanks because of poor workmanship and incompatible products, but here are the best sub-ohm vapor tanks:

Kanger Toptank Mini


Toptank Mini

This is a new tank from Kangertech, although not really. It is essentially the Subtank (below), but they added top filling to it, for ease of use (no more unscrewing the base, just loosen the top, and fill it.

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Aspire Cleito

Aspire Cleito Tanks

This is a recent addition from the renowned tank manufacturer Aspire. It is a very simple, beautiful tank, that produces massive vapor.

It has a new style of coil that essentially replaces the whole chimney tube inside the tank, and creates one bigopen chamber.

If you are looking for an affordable tank that blows big clouds, look no further than the Cleito.

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Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger subtank mini

Kanger’s sub ohm tank came out to complement their KBox and the Subox, a newer version. Their Subtank Mini has received similar ratings to the Lemo 2 and costs about the same. Take your pick of atomizer ratings: 1.2 ohms for low-watt setups or a 0.5-ohm coil when you want to attach this to the 40W KBox or a similar device. It comes with a rebuildable base, so this is an advanced product made from durable materials and features visible red O-rings.

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Horizon Arctic

Horizon Arctic Black

Again, there isn’t much to choose between these atomizers in terms of ratings. Reviews suggest this is an excellent product. You could find it priced around $20 from certain suppliers, so the Arctic is a more affordable product. But it still uses Pyrex and stainless steel, two high quality materials which prevent corrosion and the invasion of toxic fumes into your vapor path. The Horizon can be used at up to 100W when the 0.2-ohm coil is utilized in this 2.5-ml tank with BTDC (bottom turbine dual coils).

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Aspire Atlantis 2

aspire atlantis 2.0

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Consumers adjust airflow for varied draw resistance. The tube is made from glass to cope with high-acidity juices but metal parts such as the drip tip and caps are constructed from stainless steel.

A silicon rubber seal ring prevents leaks. This tank works with 20W to 30W mods at a minimum of 0.5 ohms.

Eleaf Lemo 2

Eleaf Lemo 2

Eleaf wanted to ensure their original Lemo was as safe as possible, so they took it back to the drawing board to improve insulation and other elements. It now contains a PEEK insulator for the RBA head which prevents corrosion. It is also a unique item in that you do not fill from the bottom or even remove the tank to fill.

A slot near the top lets you refill e juice hassle-free. The Lemo 2 is a 3.8-ml, 0.3-ohm tank atomizer costing around $30. Eleaf utilizes organic cotton wicking and a large bore mouthpiece. A vertical coil is said to improve flavor and coil durability while adjustable airflow provides elements of customization. Ratings for the Lemo 2 are very good.

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Save With A Bundle

Smoktech X-Cube II Bundle

Smok X Cube II Starter Kit Bundle

Starting at $139 at:


Smok VCT A1


Available For $15 at

The design blends 304 Stainless Steel with Pyrex glass while internals include organic Japanese cotton to produce quality vapor. The VCT A1 (Vapor Cloud Tank) holds up to 3.8 ml and provides liquid flow adjustment.


Eleaf MELO



The makers had their iStick in mind when creating this tank capable of working with 20W to 30W. The MELO features airflow control with 5 inlet holes, a glass mouthpiece, stainless steel caps, and a vertical coil. Fill it up to 3.5 ml and use at 0.5 ohms, the standard in this category.

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The JoyeTech Delta II operates at the same minimum resistance for $35, making it the most expensive tank on this list, but there are high-end RBAs costing more. JoyeTech was thinking about RBA users who want to vape at up to 45 watts but did not wish to rebuild their atomizers.

JoyeTech Delta II

This anti-corrosive glass tank is covered by a stainless steel shell and topped with a stainless steel drip tip. Three glass windows allow vapers to watch their e liquid level drop from a maximum of 3.5 ml.

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About Sub Ohm Tanks and Mods

Built into a vaping tank, there is an atomizer. This heating element contains a coil and wicking system that are designed to handle a certain viscosity of liquid and a maximum temperature. Cheap cartomizers and clearomizers generally deal with 50/50 e liquid or up to 100% propylene glycol which is thin and does not clog up the system.

Their maximum power output is very low and batteries only offer from 180 mAh to 1600 mah. Sub ohm tanks are made to handle up to 100% vegetable glycerin, the thicker base in e liquid. They also work with wattage of 20W and more and battery power sometimes tops 4000 mAh.

Low and Really Low Ohms

A sub-ohm tank operates at a resistance of anything under 1 ohm. Atomizers rated to 0.8 ohms are paired with variable wattage mods, but the maximum wattage is around 15 to 20W (an Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 would be ideal).

With sub ohm tanks able to handle up to 150W, resistance drops to a minimum of 0.2 ohms. The mod detects an atomizer’s resistance so it isn’t too low to protect the circuitry from overheating. The result of low resistance and a high temperature is thick clouds.

What is a Variable Wattage Mod?

A variable wattage mod (often a box, sometimes a tube, or a blend of both) allows the user to set watts instead of volts. It is built with a smart chip which takes your chosen wattage, controlling maximum temperature, and automatically sets volts. To do this, the chip factors in how many ohms of resistance it can detect in the atomizer.

Low-watt VW mods do not necessarily feature all of the protective elements of a 150W Sigelei box or Smok M80, but they are able to detect a shorted circuit or low voltage, automatically switching off if danger is noted. They won’t usually turn on if the battery is in backwards so as not to blow your circuitry. Also, lots of these devices can be locked as a safety precaution against accidental firing in one’s pockets or in the event that a child was to get hold of the device.

Types of Variable Wattage Mods

The Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 and Innokin’s next version, the 3.0, are both VW box mods and battery banks. The 2.0 went up to 11 watts which has been extended to 30 watts in version 3.0. Other examples are the ELeaf iStick, VaporFi Vox 50, VaporShark DNA, HanaModz, and Smok XPro M80.

Types of Sub Ohm Tanks

Many vapers will not bother with tanks when they vape at sub ohms. They choose an RBA or RDA (rebuildable atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer) instead, often paying a premium for these products.

But some people find it a hassle to build their atties and others do not like having to constantly drip their juice. Nor do they appreciate the cost of a high-quality RBA/RDA. Instead, they choose a high-end tank designed to operate at high watts and low resistance. When they shop, vapers look for names like JoyeTech, Smok, and a few other reliable companies from China.


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