Aspire Atlantis

Aspire’s new top-selling tank, the Atlantis, has already been through a few adjustments in its short life.

There are now three versions on the market: their original, a second version, and the Aspire Atlantis Mega.

In this article, you will learn a few things about all three of them. Like all Aspire tanks, the Atlantis is a testament to top-notch research and design and a product vapers can rely on.

The Atlantis Original


This first item is not much different from version two, for which reason I strongly recommend buying up a few of the V.1 Atlantis tanks at discounted prices. Vendors are selling them off to make room for new stock, so now is a great opportunity. For the sake of saving $5 or more dollars, you will not lose much in the way of quality or capacity.

Firstly, the Atlantis is a BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) tank which is the same regardless of the version you buy. Secondly, with both versions you get adjustable airflow and can use sub-ohm coils. Version 1 is a 2-ml tank with 0.5- and 0.7-ohm builds: safe for up to 30W.

The removable 510-threaded drip tip, looks like a simple pillar or chimney stack. Your glass tank is replaceable: the kit even comes with a spare. You receive two 0.5-ohm builds and a leak-free system for about $28.

Aspire Atlantis V.2

Aspire Atlantis 2 BVC Sub-Ohm Vape Tank

The second version of Atlantis’s highly popular advanced tank provides an extra 1 ml capacity for long periods of vaping or to account for faster vaporization at high temperatures which cause the juice to run down more quickly. The second one (like Version One) also comes with a silicon rubber ring for leak-free vaping but also 0.3-ohm coils. With these, you can vape at up to 80W. When they developed this one, Aspire could see there were more and more high-watt mods coming onto the market.

The Atlantis uses American-made wire and organic cotton. In terms of aesthetic qualities, they both look much the same but you could be paying $5 to $10 more for a V.2. Airflow adjustment has been subtly upgraded too, but you probably won’t notice the difference unless you directly compare both V.1 and V.2. Either would be slick enough to complement a high-end mod, be it a box or a limited edition mechanical tube.

Aspire Atlantis Mega

Aspire Atlantis Mega

This is a 5-ml tank, but in every other way you are buying the same accessory as a V.2 or V.1 Atlantis BVC tank. Of course, it costs more, but you still get a Pyrex tube with stainless steel bottom and top caps, adjustable airflow, sub-ohm coils, and a leak-free build.

It is corrosion free, durable, and clean. Spare parts are included in an authentic kit from authorized retailers. All of the products listed above are available on a general basis: most vendors carry them because Aspire is the vape tank brand for experts.

Aspire Battery-Tank Kits

Aspire also packages their tanks in kits with the latest CF batteries. An Aspire Premium Kit, for instance, contains the Mini Nautilus (predecessor to the Atlantis) and a CF (Carbon Fiber) Variable Volt battery. There are several sets to choose from, but even if you are not buying the Carbon Fiber battery in any of its various incarnations, vape stores often create packages which contain an Aspire tank of some kind.

A set might contain Aspire’s low-ohm tanks like the Nautilus or Nautilus Mini. It could be an Atlantis sold with any brand of APV.

There are packages with colored clearomizer such as an ET in a carry case with an eGo battery.

Aspire makes a ViVi Nova, BDC, CE5, and other tanks. The main difference between their two most famous tanks, however, is that the Nautilus can reach low ohms while the Atlantis is a sub-ohm tank developed specifically for their CF Sub ohm battery and other high-watt vaporizers.