Kanger Subtank

When the Kanger KBox came out, you knew there had to be a matching tank somewhere, one made by Kanger. E cig companies can’t release the next mod or tank fast enough.

Even Kanger has been in on the act, developing a more advanced mod in the Subox and multiple versions of their sub ohm tank, the Subtank.

Kanger Subtank Series

Like all Kanger tanks, this one is now part of a series. Several sizes are available but the original Subtank is no longer being made. It was replaced by the Subtank Plus: much the same thing but better than the original. You will find the airflow valve has been adjusted in particular.

Kanger Subtank Version One


Examples of the first Subtank are still around, costing about $30 or less. They hold 6 ml of liquid when using the coil head or up to 4.2 ml with the RBA head. Caps are made from 304 Stainless Steel and the tube is Pyrex: a crisp, corrosion-resistant, durable build.

Without the drip tip, its length is 55 mm and the diameter is 25 mm. This is a wide tank, especially if you plan on attaching a Kanger Subtank to your typical 22-mm mechanical mod. 30W is the maximum output a Subtank can handle.

Kanger Subtank Plus

Subtank Plus

Add about $5 or $6 and 1.5 ml and you have the Subtank Plus, still the same size and made from the same materials. It’s sold by most major retailers if they carry sub-ohm accessories at all. Kanger is up to version 4 with this model which works at between 12W and 25W using the 1.2-ohm OCC build or 15W to 30W with the 0.5 OCC build. An RBA head handles up to 30W as well. You can tell them apart easily: the RBA is a cylinder but Kanger’s OCC atomizer head is a cube.

Subtank Mini and Nano


Next in line is the Subtank Mini: the same tank, but much smaller. This one will look just right on a 22-mm tube and only holds up to 4.5 ml of liquid, so it is far more compact than the Subtank Plus. Airflow control is still built in and flavor is the same, thanks to those organic cotton coils.

Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano

The Mini comes with two heads just like the regular size, so it is equally flexible. Kanger chose the Subtank Mini to pair with their Subox mod in the starter kit soon to be released. It suits the lines of that slender mod perfectly.

For an even smaller tank, you could buy the 18.5-mm Nano, but you only receive the OCC head. It still goes down to 0.5 ohms, but there is no way to rebuild the coil. Your maximum e juice capacity is 3 ml.

Similar Low-Resistance Tanks

What is similar to the Kanger Subtank Plus in the market right now?

All of the primary players have put out something: Eleaf, Smok, Joye, and Aspire. Aspire’s Atlantis is also available in multiple sizes with airflow control and, like Kanger they chose a blend of Pyrex and stainless steel. So did Smok, Joye, and Eleaf, but with Joye’s Delta II and their eGo One tank you see a lot less glass and plenty of metal. This leaves you with an industrial-looking but durable tank a lot of consumers prefer.

Aspire’s Atlantis is probably the top seller right now in this category, but Smok’s VCT could be the most versatile. It was made to work with four different atomizer heads, including a DIY deck. The Innokin iSub differs from all of these as the one sub-ohm tank with colored polycarbonate tubes. Their choice doesn’t make sense at first, but new polycarbonate is far more durable and cleaner than the polycarbonate of only a few years ago, thanks to German inventors who clearly know their stuff.