Telescopic Vape Mods

There are fixed mods, extendable mods, and telescopic mods. By mods, vapers mean advanced e cigs; the kinds with adjustable settings for voltage and/or wattage. Fixed items are compatible with just one size of battery.

Many items are like this: the SID, Volcano LavaTube 2.5, and most mechanical devices. It’s certainly true of box mods.

Extendable items come with extra tubes for adding bigger batteries or these can be purchased separately (like the Provari).

A telescopic mod is built so that extension and contraction happen without adding anything but a choice of battery size.

Empire Design

You end up with a device resembling the Empire State Building even if that is not the design a manufacturer had in mind. There is no way around that with tube sections nestling inside the unit, like Russian nesting dolls. So, although an Empire Mod in the United States is supposed to look like its namesake and the K101 (a clone of the Empire) also takes on this multi-tiered shape, other telescopic devices can’t help it.

Obviously, a telescoping design is pulled off best using a tubular body. So far there are no hexagonal or pillar-shaped telescopic devices. The only part you have to remove is the cap which holds your firing button at the bottom. Take this off for access to the battery.

Best Telescopic Vape Mods

Finding a top five in this category isn’t hard: there are too few telescopic vape mods for competition to be stiff. All telescopic mods are tubes, so you can easily find them listed under APVs or mechanical mods.

Considering mods with extension tubes expands your list somewhat, but a look at the top 5 telescopic vape mods still reveals a list of excellent products so you will not need to do that. If you just want a device which does not require extra parts to expand, parts which must then be removed if you are going to contract the device to a more compact size, the following are stylish options which perform strongly.


Top Seller: Magneto III by Smok

Next in line is this sleek mechanical mod now in its third incarnation and an excellent competitor even when stacked up against the GUS. The fact that you pay far less money for this extremely serviceable mechanical mod puts it in second place, just a smidgen behind first.

Smok’s mechanical mod turns on and off at the bottom using a magnetic switch which can also be locked. Like the GUS, a Magneto uses all 18-series batteries. Smok makes their mechanical mod using 316L Stainless Steel, and it costs about $40 to $50 if you can find one. They tend to sell out rapidly.

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Kamry K101 Empire-Style Mod

Kamry K101s

The K101 is a popular Empire-style telescopic mod, referring to the shape it takes as the mod extends to its full length (Empire State Building). Use any 18-series battery and a 510-threaded atomizer.

Air holes have been worked into the threading for extra control of vapor production and vent holes cool the battery. You see those near the threading well, but on the outside.

The K101 (in purple, yellow, pink, and other shades) costs around $25 on its own but is frequently sold in kits. Add a Genitank, Aerotank, Protank, iSub, or any low-ohm or sub-ohm 22-mm atomizer.

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Most Stylish: GUS

Gus Telescopic

Arguably, the GUS is your most attractive option in this category. This is a great looking, two-toned brass and silver mod with a bottom-mounted switch and crown logo. The switch is also lockable using a ring to keep it from accidentally firing.

Threading is smooth and easy all around and the fuse (without hot spring) maintains maximum connectivity. There is airflow in the top cap too. If you can find a GUS (which is not all that easy in the United States but easier in the UK and Europe), the price is around $120.

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Tongue in Cheek: Arachnid Mod by Innokin


Innokin’s selection of iTaste products and their Cool Fire e cigs APVs are well known. They make a great job of any regulated device they choose to design and market. What about their mechanical device? Notice the webbing: home for the Magneto’s spider, as though the two were meant to be owned together. It’s a fresh and humorous design. An Arachnid mod is similar structurally to the Magneto III with a lockable firing ring and adjustable positive pin. Buy one for your arachnophile in blue, red, or black.

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What’s the Point of Telescoping?

Why should a mod extend or retract? This gives vapers choices around the look, weight, and power of their e cigs. Small batteries (like the 18350) last a long time, especially for a light vaper, but their profile is also demure and stealthy. This is more suitable for a small or shy person who doesn’t want her vaping unit to stand out. Maybe her boss doesn’t want to see her e cig when she’s at work.

When a vaper is at home, by extending the body of her mod she can also add a bigger battery: the 18490/500 or possibly an 18650. With these bigger cells, she is also holding a relatively large tube-shaped mod but she won’t have to charge for a full day or longer.

Mechanical or Adjustable

Both types of mods are available, like the telescoping Rebel, for instance. Extend this by unscrewing the middle and pulling the tube out. Extensions have been measured by designers to match the lengths of batteries. The Rebel by VaporFi features a display screen showing wattage and voltage, ohms, and the battery’s charge.

The K101 is mechanical; it does not have a screen. You can’t adjust values. The same goes for a GUS from Greece: it’s gorgeous though. A Smok Magneto with magnetic button adjusts by unscrewing the middle and letting out slack (or screwing it back together again).

The only thing affecting the type of tank or atomizer you attach to the top is threading on your mod, and being telescopic has no influence on that. An adjustable pin and 510 threading opens up extensive choices: the Aspire Nautilus, Smok RSST, Tobh Atty, and more. Use your mod to best effect by pairing it with a device that can take the extra power of a big battery, variable wattage and sub-ohm capabilities. Select a dripping atomizer (RDA) to exhale big clouds.

Mechanical Mod Basics

Apart from the ability to telescope out or in, the other rules generally apply. With mods (either adjustable or mechanical) you have to be an advanced user. If you start playing around with these pieces before you are ready, mistakes could be expensive. Can you afford to throw $200 away by wrecking internal circuitry? Most people can’t. Mods like the K101 are excellent value because they take an expensive shape and make it accessible (around $60 to $70) whereas the original Empire almost three times more.

You still want to see venting in the battery casing, but with a telescoping mod this might be near the top. Prefer a bottom button which can be locked or is recessed: recessed is best for standing the mod upright. Think carefully about authentic versus cloned units, knowing that a portion of the price of a device comes from the name and how many were created, plus whether it was hand-machined or manufactured in a factory. Telescoping devices will often cost a little more than fixed tubes but are worth the money.