Uwell Rafale

Uwell’s new tank is a step up from their highly regarded Uwell Crown, a sophisticated sub ohm rebuildable atomizer. The Uwell Rafale Sub Ohm TC (temperature control) Tank is easily as stylish as its predecessor, with big capacity and energetic slender features.

Lots of E Liquid

Filled to capacity, the Uwell Rafale Tank contains as much as 5 ml of e juice. Only fill to the line or you risk dripping and reducing vapor production. Fill from the top with a twist of the cap, dripping into the slots provided: nothing could be simpler. ASB stands for Anti-Spit Back, a circular system above the atomizer providing mess-free vaping every day.

Structure of the Rafale

Inside, vapers will find a Dual Parallel atomizer. A DPC supplies more area for e juice cover in order to enhance flavor and vapor output. Airflow control is provided by two cyclops openings for massive air input or release as you prefer.

Use with Top Wattage

Install the Uwell Rafale Sub Ohm TC Tank onto a mod set at a maximum of 120 watts. So many options are open to you including the Kanger SUBOX, Aspire Pegasus, Sigelei Spark, and Innokin Disrupter; the Eleaf 100W, Innokin iTaste MVP Pro 60W, Tesla Nano 100W TC, and many more.

RBA Tank

The Uwell Rafale utilizes both pre-built coils and an RBA-style for the optimal vaping experience. Moreover, this gives vapers the opportunity to customize their experience beyond airflow control and choice of drip tip or e juice: they can build coils to their personal specification too.

Uwell Rafale Components

As an RBA/RTA, the Rafale should provide long-lasting performance. Each part can be removed for cleaning and even replaced if necessary, although durable materials are chosen for longevity and quality.

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Sturdy Tank

I’m talking about stainless steel and glass, quartz in this case. Yes, these are pretty much standard in the vaping industry and here are two reasons why: one is that stainless steel can withstand attaching and detaching from a vape mod over and over without bending or threads losing crispness; the other is that stainless steel and glass do not release fumes when your juice gets hot.

That can happen with lower-quality alloys and plastics which will also fall apart under the stress of tank-cracking liquids. Not the Rafale: this product is made to last. Engraved diagonal lines provide movement to an otherwise linear style.

More Features of the Rafale

Uwell’s new tank (coming soon to vape vendors near you and online) features a wide, barrel-style tip made from stainless steel. Place the silicone sleeve provided over the tip to cool it down. This part is supplied with your 23-mm, 5-ml tank.

Optional coils include a 0.1-ohm Ni200 Parallel Coil, a SUS316 Stainless Steel 0.2-ohm DPC, another rated 0.5 ohms, and a VRBA (rebuild deck). The product is packaged with a replacement for your Quartz tube, one Delrin-insulated wide tip, a 0.2-ohm SUS316 DPC already installed, and one extra rated 0.5 ohms. You also receive more O-rings.

Uwell Promotion

Uwell is currently running a Golden Ticket promotion. Your tank will come with a ticket, but only 500 first edition tanks from the initial release of 100,000 will win you a special limited edition Rafale tank.

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    M 4 DE July 11, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    Can i make uwell rafale with my kanger topbox 75watt ,this mod compatible with topbox or not?

    • Reply
      vmadmin August 10, 2016 at 4:39 pm

      It will fit on it, although the Rafale will stick out slightly on the sides, as it is a pretty big tank.

  2. Reply
    AJ April 2, 2017 at 12:21 am

    will this fit on my smok alien 220W?

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