Vaporfi VAIO 80 TC

Vaporfi always makes a good portable product; a great little machine that competes well against big names from China. Their All-In-One 80W TC VAIO is no exception. Find out all about it here. Vaporfi makes it available in black, silver, or red for $139.99 or you can check out the starter bundle.

Vaporfi VAIO 80 TC Vape Mod

I already gave a few things away. One is the assortment of colors. Another is that this is a temperature control device. Third is that wattage will reach a maximum of 80W. For anyone who has never used a variable watt or temperature control machine, it’s not essential that you be willing to operate at these heights. They provide options, but also safety. If a product can only get to 80 watts, that is also where the machine’s safety mechanism kicks in for your protection.

Small Tank

Inside the VAIO there is a 3.5-ml sub ohm tank. It contains a replaceable atomizer coil and alternative resistance is already included so you can enjoy direct-to-lung and MTL vaping: a stainless steel one and a notch coil atomizer coils as well. A window on the side of this mod provides a view of the e juice. A fun feature designed by Vaporfi is the tank light: such a pretty sight. With leak-proof craftsmanship this could have been suited to European markets, but they have strict policies about tank size which limit tanks to 2 ml.

Coil Reading

Whatever coil you are using, the VAIO chipset inside detects what it’s made of. Install stainless steel, Nickel 200, Kanthal, or Titanium. The device always knows. Only attempt to operate this Vaporfi mod in the temp control setting with Ni200, Titanium, or SS coils in place or it won’t work. Kanthal is for variable wattage only.

Chip Protection

A tiny part of your mod supplies heavy-duty protection against common malfunctioning issues which can be caused by negligence, mischief, or electrical error. They include over-charge, over-current, low resistance, low voltage, and over-discharge. Ventilation helps keep the built-in battery cool where 2100mAh is constantly working to power your vaping pleasure.

On-screen Show

What’s on the Vaporfi screen, that big display featured on one of the mod’s 26-mm sides? A show of everything your device is doing. Watch watts and temperature change. Keep an eye on resistance and battery power. Remind yourself what mode you’re in: Bypass (voltage), wattage, temperature, or one of the memory modes.

It’s amazing that the screen is almost 1 inch because screen size increased while the box got smaller: just 75 mm compared with larger VOX devices. The screen also shows you the real time, a bonus if this is your “smoke” break.

USB Recharging

Plug the cable provided into the VAIO and recharge for the next day. In a practical move by Vaporfi, the port is separate from venting and control buttons. Vents are at the bottom. Big square buttons are fixed around the screen. A USB port is to the left side of adjustment buttons on the bottom of one wide side.

Buy the Kit

You don’t need much more to make this a kit: it already comes with a built-in tank. Vaporfi can’t give you alternative tanks or a Hybrid RDA to go with the VAIO instead of its original built-in atomizer tank. Instead, if you buy the bundle, it features the 80 TC MOD and tank, cable, two atomizer coils, a tank connector, case, and custom vape juice.

Make your own flavor by choosing two or three from a long list of possible pairings and trios. They include Peppermint Party, Cheesecake Divine, Blue Razzleberry, and Classic Tobacco. Make a savory, sweet, rich, or refreshing blend that no one else has ever made before, but you don’t need to get your hands dirty.

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