VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt

A lot of great things come in small packages: earrings, bracelets, car keys, and vaporizers.

The VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt vaporizer is one of the smallest box mods sold in America, but it crams a lot of power and features into its small frame.

VaporFi charges $79.99 for the Mini: let’s see if it’s worth the money.

Vented Box Mod

First things first: safety is the most important concern. Some box mods seem to lack proper venting to let hot air out of the case and let the battery breathe. VaporFi’s Mini 40W box is vented so there is less chance of the cell blowing its top.



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Sleek, Stylish Body

The body is made from stainless steel. What is so great about this metal? Well, stainless steel is heat-resistant and durable. It is clean and modern. Stainless steel is non-corrosive, so it will not rust. In spite of its sturdy nature, this metal is also fairly light but heftier than an aluminum alloy.

Tidy Design Features

View a black strip along one narrow side where all the controls are: three square buttons, a screen, and a USB port. The buttons are for turning the mod on and off, adjusting volts or watts, and locking the device into a mode (Volts or Watts).

Your OLED screen brightly displays volts and watts as well as resistance and battery level. Use the port below the buttons and screen to plug in a cord (contained in your kit) and attach this to a power source. That way you can charge up without taking out the battery. VaporFi’s box mod is also designed to be used while it charges.

Protective Device

The brains of a VaporFi VOX Mini 40W box mod are in the chip which always monitors the condition of your device and what it is dealing with. It watches out for short circuits, low resistance, and low voltage. With this microchip in place, you are unlikely to experience a malfunction that will ruin your mod or atomizer.

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Not a Starter Kit

A cost of $79.99 only includes the mod and cable, no tank. For that you need to view VaporFi’s selection of advanced tanks like the Bolt RDA and the Volt Hybrid.

A Bolt costs $49.99 and comes with adjustable airflow, kanthal wire, and O-rings. Its 22-mm size suits your small mod.

The Volt Hybrid operates as either a rebuildable tank atomizer with pre-built coils or as an RBA with the DIY deck. Coils of 0.5 ohms resistance are already built in when you buy the Volt for $59.99 which also comes with a free bottle of e juice; VaporFi’s Blend of the Month.

Alternatively, choose a flavor you like, build your own flavor, or buy their Reserve e juice for sub-ohm dripping. The Mini 40W was made for sub-ohm vaping.

Other Compatible Vape Tanks

The VaporFi Vox Mini 40W Box Mod can also be operated with the Platinum II tank, Rocket tank, Rebel tank, or tanks from outside the brand. Suggestions for 40W performance or lower would be the Aspire Atlantis, Subtank by Kanger, or the Phantom by Horizon. Smok’s TFV4 is also great and would suit higher-powered equipment as well.

Is It Worth the Money?

Smok, Eleaf, and others are making box mods that are cheaper than the 40W VOX Mini, so it’s not the cheapest device on the market. At the same time, you get the guarantee of American design quality and customer service, two elements worth that extra few dollars.

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