Vision iNow

Did you think only variable watt box mods could give you sub ohm performance?

I was intrigued to discover that Vision, maker of the Spinner II and Vapros Nanchaku, now make a variable watt battery called the iNow.

What is this battery? What is special about it, and how much does it cost? Find out more below.

Vision iNow Variable Watt Battery

Firstly, the battery for a Vision iNow is not removable: the base is also your cell, like with the Aspire CF. Its pattern makes me think of a mechanical mod like the Arachnid by Innokin, but it is not a web pattern either. The iNow pattern is almost geometric and certainly regular. Select a simple black, white, or stainless model. Expect to see this battery listed everywhere you see the Vision Spinner.

Strip Lights

Like the V2 Ex battery, an iNow battery uses a strip of lights to tell you where the battery’s charge is at.

iNow battery indicator lights

There are five tiny lights along one side, so the more lights you see the fuller the charge is. The lowest, a one-light charge, indicates 15%: you really need to recharge at this point as it is not healthy to let a battery run out of power completely before plugging it in for more juice. There is no screen, so those lights are important.

Power Tube

This is a 2000-mAh battery which can produce up to 40 watts: hot enough to create plumes of vapor for cloud chasing but not hot enough to be a worry if you have common sense and treat your battery with care.

Thanks to Vision’s idea for a variable watt battery (or their copy of Aspire’s idea) vapers are able to maintain the look and feel of a cylindrical e cig while exploring the benefits of high-temperature vapor and high-end tanks.

The ohm range is 0.15 to 3.5, so you could attach an RDA like the TOBH or Plume Veil, a rebuildable tank atomizer such as the VCT by Smok, Sense Herakles, Eleaf Lemo, or an RBA such as the Dome.

Four vent holes in the base of your covered cell let hot air out gradually, which is usually enough to prevent things from getting dangerously overheated: usually. In other words, don’t hold your e cig by the bottom.

Fully re-charging a Vision iNow 40W battery takes around 5 to 6 hours, indicative of how many hours of vaping the battery should provide when charged.

Suitable Liquid Support

Vision is also the maker of a tank called the MK. It is a 0.2-ohm, 4.5-ml tank with adjustable airflow at the base and airflow you can adjust close to the tip. Some experts are saying all tanks should have the drip tip vent and almost all RTAs already come with an airflow control valve. Steel reinforces the tube portion.

With a vent up top, you can cool vapor so it tastes crisp and warm, not hot and harsh. The MK costs around the same as an iNow: $30 or so. Japanese cotton coils ensure a clean flavor, but what this tank does best is create clouds.

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