What Nicotine Poisoning Looks Like

You might have been vaguely aware of warnings on e liquid bottles up until this point without paying serious attention. After all, if you use nicotine e liquid, cigars, cigarettes, or smoke a pipe, nicotine is a stimulant you seek. You are probably addicted to it and don’t feel that warnings apply to you.

Most tobacco smoking deaths from smoke inhalation, not nicotine inhalation. If you don’t have children or pets it might never have crossed your mind how dangerous nicotine is, but people and animals become very sick and sometimes die from nicotine poisoning.

A Growing Concern

Poison control centers have taken exponentially more calls in response to accidental nicotine consumption by children since e cigs were first released and e liquids became popular. Most of these products are bottled with childproof caps, but not all. Some consumers make and bottle their own e liquid for home use. Their bottles aren’t childproof.

Besides, even if they were, there is nothing a child won’t get into if he really wants to. Parents are learning the importance of keeping these products away from children, such as storing e liquid on high shelves, away from curious eyes and roving hands.

It’s not just fruit flavors with colorful labels attracting children. Even tobacco-flavored e liquid can appear interesting.

Animals are also consuming nicotine, although they are more at risk from products like nicotine gum or cigarettes left lying around. Canines notoriously chew everything, edible or not. Nicotine gums and patches are simply too tempting.

There is also the risk of absorption through the skin, especially with very young people who merely spill nicotine liquid on their hands or sit in a room where many people are vaping. A little goes a long way when the heart belongs to a three year old.

Symptoms of Nicotine Poisoning

If a person is suffering from this illness:

  • He will often seem to be suffering a panic or asthma attack.
  • His heart rate and breathing accelerate.
  • He might seem confused and even faint.
  • Nausea and vomiting, and sometimes even stomach cramps are reported.

One should always see a doctor rather than trying to administer home treatment. While vomiting removes some of the nicotine from a body, this puts additional strain on an over-stimulated heart.

Usually, the outcome is good: poison leaves the body naturally through sweat and urine, but death can occur. The heart can’t take the stress of consuming such a powerful stimulant, especially the heart of a toddler. Vaping pundits exhort parents to keep e liquid, vaping pens, and any form of nicotine delivery system out of reach.

That goes for cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, and e hookahs. Butts need to be disposed of in such a way that kids do not pick them up off the ground and animals are not tempted to eat them.

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