Wholesale Suppliers

When you buy e cigs, mods, batteries, e liquid, and accessories from a vapor store, where do you think that shop buys goods? Do they go directly to the Chinese manufacturing company? Sometimes they do this.

A vendor with business sense, wisdom, and strong knowledge of the industry could make a sensible selection and purchase wholesale quantities of items from manufacturers such as Cloupor, Eleaf, or Innokin to secure excellent prices and pass these on to their customers. Many vendors, though, work through American wholesale vapor suppliers.

Third-Party Benefits

This is a fast-paced industry where a lot of changes take place quickly. Falling prey to a business that seems to offer great prices and service but which is really selling off cheap gear is a common consequence of inexperience. Experts have gone through the process. Their experience usually starts with buying and/or selling in other industries, but they have also paid their dues in this industry so that customers don’t have to.

Wholesale Pricing

Of course the price you pay is not what it costs to purchase a product from the manufacturer. Shop owners have to make money too, so they charge a little more than they paid. If they bought from a third-party supplier, this person also charged a little more, and the more people involved in this supply chain, the higher prices become.

The only people who can secure wholesale prices are company buyers or owners: the ones who order hundreds or thousands of an item so as to receive the highest possible discount. Bulk orders are cheaper than individual or small orders. There is even the chance to save money on shipping if a purchase amounts to more than a certain threshold (in the hundreds of dollars).

For someone to find out wholesale prices, he would need to have an account, so the general public is not privy to this information. All you need to know is that Innokin is not going to sell a business their CLK Sport starter kit at the same cost you will charge customers for buying this product individually.

Bulk E Juice

Many companies offer wholesale pricing on their e juice. They make enough of it to sell bottles to other vendors which they sell on using the original label or re-label as though it is their home juice. Numerous e liquid companies will also sell their juice to wholesale buyers if they make enough of it and it is pre-bottled.

Vape vendors who mix to order can’t offer this service. Subscription e juice companies and e cig stores (online and street level) buy their juice this way and possibly supplement with a house-made e liquid. Names you see commonly include the likes of Charlie Noble, Space Jam, NicQuid, Pink Spot, and Halo Purity.

WholesaleVapor.comWholesale Vapor Suppliers in the US

WholesaleVapor.com is the top supplier to US vendors according to their website. They operate out of a huge warehouse in Binghampton, New York, where they store batteries, chargers, drip tips, mods, e liquid, tanks, and more.

They carry remarkable products like the Aspire Atlantis, authentic iStick 50W, Vision Spinner II, and Kato Hammer. They have juices by Fuzion, Beard Vape Co., Vapor King, and others.

At WholesaleVapor.com, they urge potential business owners to avoid dealing with Chinese companies directly. They also endeavor to take away frustrations related to the language barrier and prevent new entrepreneurs from having to figure out which companies are reputable.

They already dealt with all of that. You are not required to place a minimum purchase number but there is a minimum amount. Reach that dollar value by ordering any mixture of goods you want or exceed the value and really bring in the stock.

directvapor.comDirect Vapor

This is a newer company, but they are clearly educated in the vaping world, only carrying high quality products, with good pricing and service.

They sell most of the top brands of equipment like SMOKTECH, Innokin, Joyetech, Eleaf, Kangertech et al, and they also have a line of very popular e-liquids.

One thing with this shop is that they aren’t quite as overwhelming as some others with endless products, and the ones they do carry are top notch.

They allow orders to start at a few hundred dollars, and go up from there, and guarantee high profit margins.

VaporWorld.bizVaporWorld: E-Liquid Wholesale

The main job of this company based in Oklahoma is to source e juice for their customers, some juices from overseas and some from the US.

They also sell atomizer tanks by Aspire, Fogwind, Tobeco, and JoyeTech.

Their hardware includes devices from Steam Gear Mods, Kanger, SMY, and Sigelei.

Buy in juices for your customers from Titan E Liquid, Shakedown, Hamp Vape, and Spyglass E-lixir. They also carry DIY juice for bulk orders.

VaproSupply.comVapro Supply, Netherlands

Is your company aiming to start up in Europe? Turn to Vapro Supply from Den Haas, Netherlands, where their experience yields satisfaction for customers.

No order will be shipped for more than $17.50 and business owners can secure free shipping by placing an order of $850 or more.

Shipping goes out the same day, six days a week, if placed and paid for by 6pm EST. There is no minimum order or minimum quantity that needs to be met, but the best way to experience savings is to order amounts in bulk numbers.

Vapro Supply carries CloudCig, Wotofo, Cigreen, Innokin, Samsung, Sony, TrustFire, and many more brands. Buy drip tips of all colors, materials, and shapes (brass wide bore, skulls, animals, and dragons). Order the real deal Filipino and American mods like the El Tortuga, The Ox V2 26650 by Fog Monsterz, The Kindred II by the Council of Vapor, or a Skyborg RDA.

Preparing to Order

Entrepreneurs still pondering their next move stay in touch with wholesalers by subscribing to their regular newsletters which arrive electronically to their laptops. With these, business people are able to keep an eye on new brands or products either released or on pre-order. They also get news about upcoming sales and opportunities plus news regarding the industry in general.