Here we have another US company utilizing the Evolv DNA 40, a 40W microchip installed in VW mods. There aren’t that many: Hana Modz is one.

Usually, popular variable watt mods are made in China. These are the ones easiest to get hold of due to mass manufacturing in factories, making them the cheapest to buy as well.

If you want the best quality, some would say you should buy only VW mods made in the United States in limited quantities, not in a factory.

A number of vapers would say you don’t get anything better with an Evolv chip than the Yihi Chip can provide. Only customers who have vaped both can really tell you.

Temperature Control and More

Evolv has tried to set their designs apart by making the safest chips around. They aren’t speeding through watt limits to reach heady heights of 150W-plus, choosing instead to take their time and ensure safety is top notch. As a result, your mod will stop operating under dangerous circumstances or will limit output accordingly.

A dangerous situation the chip might detect is a high temperature, although this chip is made to run cool. Another problem that could wreck your product is a shorted circuit or low voltage. Instead of turning off outright, the XPV DNA 40 screen will display your current battery charge while running at low watts. It is up to you to read that sign to determine why pressing the “up” arrow isn’t making vapor thicker.

The lowest resistance your mod can handle is 0.1 ohms: the same as 150W mods by Sigelei and Cloupor. If your coil’s resistance is any lower than that, it’s virtually non-existent. An Evolv DNA 40 chip protects your XPV DNA 40 in the event of low resistance and defends your atomizer from damage caused by a shorted circuit. Because of its low resistance and low watts, tank atomizers and dripping atomizers would work equally well with the XPV DNA 40. A competition dripping atomizer could be put to good use. So could an Aspire Nautilus.

XPV DNA-40 Dimensions

Compare the XPV to a pillar. It is long and slim, not wide and box-like: similar to an Innokin VV V4, but bigger. A bright screen is positioned on one side; the button is featured on another side at the top with a micro USB port at the opposite end (not the bottom). Charge batteries internally, operating this as a pass-through unit.

Preferred Styles

Customize your ProtoVapor XPV DNA 40 mod in numerous ways. Select a switch style: clicky or smooth. Choose a color from matte or glossy black, gray, teal, ice blue, gold, red, or green. Gold and black are available with or without stylized blemishes which are featured on the ice blue finish. Select trim (an accent around the screen): gray or black. Choose an LG or a Samsung battery.

Buttons in Fashion

You even get to pick the color of button you want to match or contrast with the rest of the mod. Select aqua, yellow, orange, green, or mint. These are not circular one-click buttons but NASA switches with a dial for selecting watts.

American Pricing

The cost for one of these unique devices is around the same as that of a Hana Modz: between $190 and $210. While their competitor sells directly and through authorized vendors, the XPV DNA 40D can only be accessed via ProtoVapor and is made to order.

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